Golf-V Aftermarket Suspension Guide


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Well, 09's for sure do have the Euro springs. And I think 2008.5 with the very first TSI 2.0T have them too. I have several friends who had 2009 GTI's and while they were still pretty high, they weren't 2006 to early 2008 high lol


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All US spec Fahrenheit's had the 2006/2007 US spec springs (AKA God damn minivan ride height). In 2008, US spec GTI's got the Euro springs. They're not an inch lower, but 0.6" lower all around. If you're doing those, you honestly may as well get new Bilstein or Koni shocks, strut mounts and bearings, etc. How many miles?

Yeah, it is pretty tall! At least it handles better than a minivan. It currently is at 105K miles. I had one with 207K and found this one, so I upgraded. :biggrin:

I was referring to this info from the Fahrenheit Registry site:


AUBURN HILLS, Michigan, 2007 February 20 – Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced that the exclusive Fahrenheit GTI has arrived at dealerships. This uniquely styled, high performance hatchback is available to only 1200 lucky customers.

The Fahrenheit GTI distinguishes itself from others in the lineup with its electrifying orange exterior color that is sure to turn heads. Each distinctive vehicle includes "Fahrenheit" badging and a unique vehicle number displayed on a three-spoke perforated leather steering wheel. This special edition also boasts a European sport-tuned suspension; 18-inch alloy wheels; leather top sport heated seats; a sunroof; Fahrenheit orange interior accent trim; Fahrenheit orange stitching on the floor mats, DSG™ boot, brake handle and steering wheel; and optional Sirius Satellite Radio.

This special edition GTI is priced at an affordable $27,665 and is only available with the advanced automatic DSG transmission.

Note: The above text is a press release published by Volkswagen.

So if Volkswagen says it has the sport-tuned suspension, I suppose it does. You're probably right though, if I want it to be lower and I'm going to the trouble of taking it apart to change springs, I should probably just go with a good aftermarket setup. Thanks for the advice.


Santee CA
Since I already had the 09 springs ($40), had time on my hands and had to get in there anyway to change a CV joint boot, I decided to swap them in. It wasn't too difficult and dropped the ride about 5/8" to 3/4". It looks still stock but way better than before. At least it doesn't look jacked up now! Wheel opening dropped from 27" to 26-3/8" or so.

Here's some info on them for anyone interested. Another data point for this list.

The ride is slightly firmer. The wire of the 09 springs is thicker than the original 07 springs. Rears were 12mm, now 12.5mm; fronts were 13.1mm, now 13.5mm.

Color dots on 07 springs were blue, yellow, yellow, yellow on rear and red, red, white, white on front. Now dots on 09 springs are blue, pink, yellow, yellow on rear and yellow, white, white on front. So I didn't have the Euro sport-tuned suspension that VW claimed, but I do now! :wink: