Golf Plus - Headlight disassembly


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Łódź, Poland
Golf Plus | 07 | 1.9
Unfortunately headlights in my '07 Golf Plus are fogging quite a lot, not only when it's cold but even when the humidity is high as well which is quite a significant safety concern. Instead of replacing both headlights I thought it would be great to disassemble them, clean and dry them inside and glue them again (and maybe paint the insides black, as it's grey-ish after nearly 300k kilometers/190k miles). However, from initial investigation it turned out that Plus headlights are permasealed. Did anyone tried to disassemble them and was it successful? I tried to find a solution in the internet, and apart from some guides on different cars, it was not successful. Do you have any experience in that and do you recommend it? I would love to avoid buying new set of headlights, especially because most likely I wouldn't hesitate to put Xenon's instead of classic halogen haha. Cheers.