Golf MKV 2.0L Turbo Engine Specifications (extensive technical details)


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Dubdr said:
I grad from UTI on March 10th (only a couple weeks left) and then start VW in April, grad in June and then I will be placed in a VW dealership. Can't wait. I am just excited about the free maintenance on my two MKVs.

Hey Dubdr, how was UTI? Do they start from the absolute basics and teach you well (sorry for the dumb questions) Just wondering, because I plan on attending UTI in LA when I finish college...:thumbup:


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UTI is great!!! The complaints I hear from the other students is how they are "so far ahead of what they teach". They really do start you out at level one. But they cover all aspects of new cars from engine mang. systems to air bags. They also have hot rod u. It is three, three weeks phases that covers bolt on performance (IE turbos, fuel injection, exhaust, NOS) the two others consist of building a chevy 350, modding it, and installing it in a t bucket and running it on the dyno.
All in all it was a great experience.... check 'em out at They really helped me. Not to sound too much like a comerical. PM me if you have any other questions.

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thanks, still waiting for bentley publishing to come out with the service repair manuals for the GTI, I have the full manuals for all my cars, as I like to do all my own work.

does get to be a bother on any warranty claims though!


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i actually went to uti in boston also, i went to pennsylvania vw academy and graduated in early september. my best advise to you is to find a dealership to sponsor you before you go to the academy, as they will charge you full tuition if you do not find one within a month.


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I currently go to UTI and was accepted into the VW academy. It is a 11 week program and I will graduate with as a VW Factory trained electrical specialist. Can't wait... a huge lab filled with every make and model of vw!!!!
I gotta question, how come VW's always have such bad electrical ratings from consumer reports and such? I know from my old Golf that the electrical was pretty bad. And also, I am a junior in high school and I want to go to UTI when I graduate but I also want to get my business degree because it is my dream to own my own shop one day that specializes in doing a great job on foreign cars such as VW's. Is UTI a school I'd go to after I graduate college or before or in place of. I'm kind of confused on it. Thanks alot bro.


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Anyone have a copy of the 1st FSI pdf? Won't load for me

Works! Thanks so much for sharing this.
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