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Christchurch NZ

I live in New Zealand and out here in the South Pacific basin there is a Golf called the GTX. As far as I know it is the same running gear as the GTI with the turbo FSI engine and DSG gearbox but the front valence is different and the interior is cream leather with wood steering wheel, gear knob and door trim. I imported it from Japan to save on costs and to get the cream interior. Kiwis hate cream leather and the only ones I've seen were nearly twice the price with black leather. The plan was to have it as a work vehicle because my other cars are all V8's or have race engines.

The GTX is cheaper to buy here in NZ because it doesn't have the stigma of the GTi badge but it is in fact a better option as far as luxury goes.

The downside is that I can't find an English owners manual for the car. I am reliant on forums and you tube for info. The car has done 100,000 kms and is still in mint condition in a gorgeous dark blue metallic paint.

I just took the car for a trip this weekend and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. Swallowed up the country lanes and caught everything I chased. Great acceleration, love the handling and it goes smooth as silk. It's almost as comfortable to drive as my jaguar XJR supercharged. In fact I'm seriously thinking of selling the Jag as the GTX ticks all the boxes.

I changed the oil yesterday and put fully synthetic castrol 5W30. Bit of a bugger needing a 36mm socket to remove the oil filter but a visit to a truck workshop resulted in the loan of a 3/4" drive socket with extension arm. I near broke my back lifting the thing up to the filter it was so heavy.

The plan is to do the cam belts next so I could do with some advice as to where I should buy the kit with water pump, idlers and tensioners.

I will be in the UK on holiday later this week so if anyone can advise a UK supplier that would be great.

Also the japanese radio/GPS has to go. I see a lot of chinese products out there and there is mixed feedback as to their reliability. Has anyone bought an 8" screen unit that works properly. Please let me know.

And here are some pictures of the car.