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FSI HPFP Roller Conversion / Follower Failure


Ready to race!
So it happened, the dreaded follower failure. I checked the follower in December, it still had a slight chamfer at edge. I planned on swapping it in the next couple months, but it didn't last 2000 kms. No new sound, no odd noise, no CEL.

This isn't a DIY, as there are plenty of good articles out there that will get you to the cams. But you can look at the carnage, and how I used 3D printing to save some money by not needing to purchase a modified housing. I drilled out the housing in 2 steps. first at 26mm, then the final at 33mm.

A few things:
-After the pump was re-installed, it took several minutes of cranking to get enough fuel pressure to fire.
-The pressure would fluctuate from 60 bar, to less than 5 while idling. After swapping the pressure regulator, it runs perfectly. So I believe the root cause was a bad regulator. The pump was unable to keep up.
-I also no longer need to wait before starting the car. I previously had to leave the key in the ON position for about 5 seconds, before starting, otherwise it just wont start.
-Sadly I can no longer use the damaged APR pump, but the new cam lobe has a higher lift than the stock lobe, so I don't believe 130 bar will be an issue.

The kit itself is from TMG performance in Greece.