[FS] Misc MKV GTI Parts


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Long Island, NY
Have some MKV parts that I am looking to move to a better home as I now have an MKVII and have cleaned out the storage unit. Some of the parts are brand new - feel free to ask questions. Priced fairly but I'm open to offers, especially if grabbing multiple things. I can take photos for anyone who may need them. Buyer pays PP gift (or covers fees) and shipping. Located in New York. Thanks!

Also I was previously a very active member on here but got locked out of my account due to the primary email address no longer existing (former business) so apologies but I can provide proof of my legitamacy if anyone needs it. Old username was "themike".

- MKV Premium 7 Radio ($75)

- MKV Rear Privacy Shelf ($75)

- MKV ECS Hatch Pop Kit [SOLD]

- MKV Helix European Blacked Out Tail Lights [SOLD]

- MKV OEM Front Grill with Emblem ($75)

- MKV NewSouth Boost gauge w/ VentPod [SOLD]

- MKV OEM Monster Mats ($50)

- MKV OEM Manual ($25)

- MKV Fog Light Honeycombs ($35)

Photos can be found here: PHOTO 1 | PHOTO 2 | PHOTO 3 | PHOTO 4
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