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FS/FT: 2007 GTI (UG 4 doors 3 pedals)


Ready to race!
Los Angeles

Feeling out the waters for a modded mk5 GTI for a stock mk7. I don't do the kind of driving that brings out the best of my mods and would rather live with something more A-to-B friendly.

2007 4 door, plaid seats, 79k miles, united grey, sunroof

United Motorsports Stage 1 tune
Southbend Stage 2 Daily
Neuspeed intake
Neuspeed short shifters
Autotech/Sachs monotube shocks
VWR linear springs
Passat control arms with poly bushings

All the maintenance you could want are up to date (cam follower, fuel filter, plugs, oil, even carbon cleaning)

Cons: minor frontal accident, front control arm and radiator support were the only non-body parts to be replaced.

I'm valuing it at around $9,000.
If that seems high, it's because it's part a fair valuation of the car and part what it would take for me to engage in this financially unwise transaction.

Will consider any 2016+ mk7.
Must be manual transmission
Preferably minimally modded
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Ready to race!
Los Angeles
Bump, still for sale. Price drop to $8,000
Suspension has been replaced with OEM shocks with H&R OE Sport Springs (0.75" drop)
Mileage is at 84,000