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FS: Axis "backup" rims


I changed a tire once...
When I bought my car it had a set of Axis 19" rims on it, painted UG to match the car. Or at least painted something incredibly similar.

Anyways, they're for sale now. They have minor chips and some curb rash. They will come with the tires on them, but they won't last you long. They need to be replaced. For that reason I'm not bothering to take pictures of remaining tread. Well, actually that's my justification for not posting tread pictures. The real reason is I'm too lazy. Also, they have lug covers with threaded center caps. Unfortunately, one wheel is missing the lug cover (and consequently the center cap), and another is missing the center cap. The other two, the center caps could be in better shape but they could probably be brought back to life with some TLC. Or you could just leave off the lug covers.

My hope is that someone want's to put some 19's on their car but would like to know how they fit before they go drop a ton of cash on the ones they want. So now's your chance to get some 19s for cheap to test fitment and have some backups in case you pacman one of your rims or something. Really, I don't care what you do with them so long as you take them off my hands.

Pardon the filthy wheels...

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:

Wheel 4 is in the worst shape, but still 100% usable and maybe repairable. Honestly, I have no idea. I know nothing about wheels.

I'm arbitrarily selecting a price of $200 or best offer. I'd rather not have to deal with shipping but I'm sure I could work something out. I live in Russellville, AR, but will be moving to Troy, Alabama at the end of the month, in case anyone is willing to pick up.
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I changed a tire once...
I guess it would have made sense to check the tire for sizing, although I wouldn't know what they designations mean. Definitely don't know much about wheels. Changes made to post.