FS : 2009 GTI DSG 4-DOOR


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2007 GTI, 2009 GTI
I am listing my 2009 Volkswagen GTI DSG for sale.
I just acquired the car some weeks ago but recently got a new job offer on West Coast and I plan to keep my other car because it's a convertible :).
-When I bought the car, I got it inspected by a Euro shop that specialize in Volkswagen's and Audi's.
-No serious problems were reported by them and no oil leaks as well.
-After getting possession of the car I balanced and rotated tires, changed oil. I have probably driven 200 miles after the oil change.
-Cleaned and Ozium bombed the interior (I have OCD for my cars)
-Changed side mirror indicators to sequential aftermarket lights.

About the car:

-Engine was replace by the previous owner and I have all receipts for it. 100k miles on engine
-180k miles on car
-Brakes and Tires are almost new.
-Drives straight no wobbles.
-Heated seats, heater and AC both work great.
-Accelerates and handles like a GTI.
-Completely stock

Points to note:
-Scratch on right side of the car (the previous owner scratched a car in parking lot or mailbox can't remember)
-Tear on driver's seat bolster
-CEL is on for P2015. I can refer you to a Euro shop where I take my girlfriend's GTI and they are trustworthy and reasonable.
-Even with the light on, there is no noticeable effect on the car's performance.

I bought this car to be my daily after much research as my commute is 100 miles daily. I fixed a couple of things in it and have driven it and have enjoyed it.
Let me know if you have any questions and I will help you out with it. Price is Obo and I can work with you if you want to get the car inspected.

Looking to get $3800 OBO.


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