FS: 18" OZ Chronos **Rare**


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FS: 18" OZ Chronos **Rare** & FEELER: FS: 3" Catted DP and Custom Catback

Alright well as the title states this is a feeler for anyone interested. This setup will fit ALL GTI's except for CBFA TSI's. Sorry fellas.

I have on my car [2009 GTI TSI] at the moment:

-A 3" Catted (300 Cell) Downpipe which I had made at Induktion Motorsports here in Maryland. It is a VERY quality piece and it has a V-Band connection at the end of it connecting it to the Catback

-An Autotech 3" Catback that I gutted the muffler and rewelded. It also has a V-Band clamp that connects it to the Downpipe.

Because I know you can't sell anything without pictures I'll throw some up.

Stock v. 3" Catted

My welds on the magnaflow muffler

How it sounds Dont mind the high pitched noise, that is the harmonics from my intake.

As stated the parts are on my car currently and I am located in the DC/Metro area of Maryland. If you have any questions please feel free to post them or PM me.

Now for the feeler prices:

-Induktion 3" DP (cost $650): Will sell for $400+ shipping or trade of equal value.

-Autotech 3" CB (cost $450): Will sell for $200+ shipping or trade of equal value.

-Package deal (cost $1100): Will sell for $575+ shipping.

All prices are OBO and would obviously prefer local pickup/meet because of the size of the pieces.

Well Guys i have been running these wheels for a little over a year now and i think it is time to switch it up ....

They are 18x7 OZ Chrono wheels ET45 and they only weigh 17lbs!... they are on Bridgestone RE760s wheels with about 80%of tread left

now the bad ... Two of the wheels are MINT!!! but two of them do have some slight Curb rash so i will be willing to let the set go for $1500 OBO

$1500 OBO
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Yo PM sent!!

I got a buddy who has a really good vice, you think I could just clamp them in there and bend them back to normal?? I think I can, get back to me!!


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:thumbsup: to AAA. We would have been fucked without them this weekend. and thumbs down to huuuge potholes on interstates. Shit was like 4 feet long and a foot deep. poor OZs