FS 06 GTI (not running)


Go Kart Champion
South Jersey, NJ
06 GTI
Would need to be towed or if interested you can come to pick up some parts if not interested in the whole car. Car and parts are all OBO.

Please note I have some buddies taking off parts next weekend so if you're interested in the whole car that would have to wait please. Below is a list of available parts.

After market parts of interest still on car
H&R sway bar
VF Engineering intercooler
VF Engineering mounts
Unitronic stg 2 Ecu
New South 3 guage pod with boost, oil temp, and egt guage.
Focal speakers with Pioneer amp and a separate jl 500 1 amp
R32 side skirt
Stasis big brake kit up front
Ss brake lines
VF intake with AEM dryflow filter (please not this doesn't have all clips)

OEM parts
Stock down pipe
VW battery
Almost everything else? lol?

Maybe someone wouldn't mind coming down to south Jersey (right outside of Philly) for some parts.
I might have to junk it

Please let me know. Thanks for your interest.