Forge MK5 TWINtercooler fits MK6


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... with very minor changes!!!!

Having just finished this a short a while ago, I was able to make the MK5 unit fit the MK6 with very minimal modifications, that will require only one small running change on our part, and that pretty much anyone will be able to accomplish themselves, just like the current kit.

I will simply need to write new installation instructions for it.

Please bear with me a week or so, and I will have the new instructions finished, and so that we can incorporate a new running change to the kits (minor change to the mounting brackets), so that we can start offering the kit as being MK5 and MK6 compatible.

The only minor downsideto the MK6 fitment is that the wider front center grill of the MK6 front bumper extends beyond the endtanks unlike the narrower grill of the MK5 which would otherwise hide them. Not too unsightly, though.