Forge DV installed - includes my impressions as well as pics and vag-com boost logs


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Well, i installed the forge dv yesterday - my kit was missing the 10mm hose and zip ties - i bought the hose myself, but Mike @ Forge did send out the appropriate parts (at no cost) - i was just too anxious to wait for them. Props to Mike @ Forge


Anyways, for me, at least the car seems to pull about the same as before, but i wasn't having any boost issues before the forge install (i already fixed the pcv issue). Install was not too bad - took about an hour, maybe slightly more. i'd consider it to be a beginner-moderate install - someone with basic mechanical skills should be able to do it.

Followed the Forge write-up, which should be adequate to install, but i have some tips that helped me:
-tool wise, i'd strongly recommend using a 1/4" socket wrench with a 1/4" socket, and a 5mm hex bit - this made it much easier to remove and install the dv. make sure it's small enough - i had a 3/8" adapter for the 5mm hex bit, and it was too big, and wouldn't fit.
-make sure to check all the parts - if something is missing, be sure to acquire the parts (contact Mike @ Forge - they will send it free of charge)
-when removing the stock 1-time use clamps, push the "inside" of the clamp with a screwdriver all the way until the inside part of the clamp is out, and the clamp will come apart.
-Make sure to be slightly conservative on the small vac hose when doing the lines from the dv to the solenoid - i was a little too generous, and the line from the vacuum source to the solenoid was a little tight.
-i used mini hose clamps for the small vac line, but i'm sure zip ties would be fine.

Pics of Install:

the dv is mostly blocked from view by the solenoid.

All logs are 3rd gear pulls

Boost as taken by Jeff Moss of Torque Factory right after chip install (approx 3 months ago):

Boost after pcv fix (~60°F ambient) - taken a little over a week ago

this one is the first pull:

subsequent pull:

Boost after forge dv install - taken today

first pull:

subsequent pull:


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Actually, it looks to be almost identical. Keep in mind that the first graph goes up to 22 lbs and the second one only to 20.


great write up man! Thanks for explaining what i tried to explain when the forge dv first came out about 2-3 weeks ago. If the oem Dv has no leaks the boost will not change, you will not peak more. I payed 65 bucks for the install because i kinda got scared when a kid down here did not install the dv properly and something popped off so i was like forget it.


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Very nice.

I agree, the instructions are more than adequate, but your little comments are right on.

This part is really quite simple to install, its just tedious.

I like the use of those clamps instead of zip ties. I may have to get a couple of those. I'm pretty sure the zip ties will be fine, but you never know. Great job and nice graphs. The Boost graph looks great. Boost is peaking a little earlier now and holding well. Good job.


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I'd rather us clamps as well, not just for reliability, but I don't want zip ties cramping my engine bay's style. ;)


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That makes no difference. Look at the plotted points.

Virtually identical before and after.

even if it will be identical to me , i dont wanna be worried about my DV , especially that i'm intending to get VF/GIAC 2.0T "RS/S" kit (gt28rs turbo), and in that case OEM DV will not hold for long....

I'll get mine within 7 days from today, and i hope dont have missing parts.
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