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Beginning of february my car blew its DV, being that i just got a tax return i figured id splurge on a new DV and intake through Redline.

Ordered the BSH true seal intake and Forge DV kit for my MKV on Feb16.

On Feb 21st Andrew reached out and let me know that BSH was waiting on a "Few parts" but the kit should be shipped the following week. At this point i added an additional part to my order to include in the shipment, this second order was paid for on Feb 29.

On March 2nd i'm told again "Should ship next week" and that BSH is ACTUALLY in the process of "Redesigning" this kit, working on mandrel bends instead of welds. Fine, sounds cool, i can wait another week.

March 9th rolls around i send a friendly message for an update. No response.

March 13th, i get a little tougher and ask for an update, reminding him that were approaching 1 month since i paid for my purchase. I ask if i can just be sent the DV kit as my car is still broken and its my daily driver. Andrew sends me a response that BSH is still working on finishing the kit. But were "In the home stretch"

I requested that BSH maybe hook me up with some expedited shipping.
Andrew reminds me, "This delay hasn’t been good for anyone." but he will try to make sure my order is shipped first.

Fast forward to today March 22nd.
Send my weekly "hey man, Any update"
And again i'm told. Still waiting, bends aren't right, next week.

At this point i requested my order be cancelled and my card be refunded.
Andrew offered a DV kit, but i politely declined and requested my refund again. Still waiting on a response for that one, hopefully my refund is more readily available than the parts i ordered.

EDIT: Refund was sent promptly and without question, no fault there.

From everything i read on here Redline does a great job, hence why i went with them. I completely understand that Redline relies on BSH as a supplier, but i should have been advised that these kits were back ordered FROM DAY 1. Instead, i feel like i'm being strung along rather than given concise and reliable feedback. "Next week, next week, No really, NEXT week."

In closing, i'm sure Redline gets it right 90% of the time, but this time they totally struck out. In the meantime I've learned a valuable lesson ALWAYS CALL FOR STOCK prior to buying. All this and my car still has no boost :(

I'm sure Andrew will find this, Sorry bud, I've been nothing but patient. But I've got a limit.
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I feel I need to defend Andrew at Redline. He calls practically daily about the intakes and has chewed me out more than once, rightfully so. We are so sorry for the frustration this has caused and please believe me when I say no one on the face of this earth wants this behind us more than we do. I understand this is not your problem and I don't blame you at all for your frustration. This has been one of the most trying set of circumstances we have faced in a while. It will be worth it when it is and from what I saw today is right around the corner. I am not going to try and gimmick you and beg for your business, this sucks, we pissed you off, and I'll take it like a man. But this will pass and it will pass soon.

Thank you for the opportunity. I am sorry it didn't work out like we all wanted it too.


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So even though BSH has already stepped in and defended us, it's time for me to tighten up all the loose ends.

Redline Motorworks did nothing wrong. As BSH just mentioned above, we called almost daily asking for updates on these intakes to the point where I exploded on them explaining that I along with my customers do not like to wait this long for parts. I actually do care about customers so don't think for a second I don't. Whenever a customer asks for an update, I take the time to contact the supplier and ask for the update and then forward the information back.

You were never told that you could not cancel your order. Your car had a blown DV and was out of commission but you continued to wait. I appreciate that you were willing to wait as long as you did but that was your decision.

Your post seems like Redline was leading you along but that is not true. We had information that we were forwarding to you. We were not just making it up as already mentioned above.

When you requested a refund, I said no problem and offered another DV kit because I remembered that you had a DV issue. I was simply trying to be helpful. When you said no and mentioned that you had bought another one already, I went ahead and refunded your money. No questions asked.

I could understand your statement about us "striking out" if we had the product in stock and kept leading you along for a few weeks but that was not the case. Given the circumstances, I think we did quite well which is why we have a loyal customer base. We don't BS, we're honest and we like to help people.

Just thought I would clear that up for anyone reading this.


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For our international customers who order products beyond the BSH line, they usually are ordered from that company. Since a lot of those companies choose not to drop ship internationally, we are forced to have your goods shipped to us first. Then they must be inspected, packaged properly, and shipped.
Given our 1-2 day processing time to ATP's 2-3 day processing time, then a 3-4 day ship time depending on the carrier, things do tend to take a little longer.
Your package is scheduled for shipment today as it arrived at its *correct destination (ATP shipped to our previous address) on Wednesday.
I know things can get frustrating sometimes, however, we are in the busiest season and are doing everything we can to get everyone their goods as timely as possible.
We do appreciate yours as well as the rest of our customer’s patience during this season.