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So, I've never put up a build thread before for any of my cars... but this is the one time I've ever actually bothered to take pictures of almost EVERYTHING that I've done, so, here goes...

Modifications as she sits right now (9/29/15)

* BSH Race Intake (Custom Powder Coated)
* BSH Competition Catch Can (Custom Powder Coated)
* 3" Raceland Catless Downpipe w/ ATP Clamp
* AWE 2.5" Catback Exhaust
* GodSpeed FMIC + Stock IC
* GoFastBits DV+
* Stage 2 BFI Engine Mount
* Stage 1 BFI Transmission Mount (DSG)
* Stage 1 BFI Dogbone Mount (Insert)
* Golf R / S3 Intercooler
* Audi R8 Coil Packs (06E905115E)
* NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plugs
* Noisepipe Delete w/ Raven6T9 plug
* APR Stage 2 TSI
* APR DSG Tune
* Newsouth Boost Gauge
* AWE Vent Mount
* 42DD Boost Tap
* Centric Blank Rotors
* Full ESP Disable
* Motul 8100 X-Cess 5w40

* W.A.L.K.
* Bilstein PSS Coilovers
* 26mm (Solid) VWR Front Swaybar (Going on shortly)
* 28.5m (Solid) DanGSR Rear Swaybar (Powder Coated Prismatic Lava Grey)
* BSH Rear Swaybar Endlinks
* Whiteline Swaybar Lateral Locks
* 034 Track Density Strut Mounts w/ SK Bearings
* BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 Tires
* Corner Balancing
* Centric Blank Rotors (Front and Rear)
* Stoptech Street Performance Brake Pads (Front and Rear)
* Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

* Wolfsburg Grille
* 3 Bar Center Grille
* R-Line Fog Grilles (Painted Plastic strip at the top)
* Votex Rep Front Lip
* Color Matched ThunderBunny SideSkirts
* Thunderbunny Rear Bumper
* Hand Stitched DSG Shift Boot (Red Stitching)
* Red Stitched E-Brake Handle
* Interior Center Console Trim Painted VW Indian Grey Metallic and Cleared
* Euro Rear Fog
* Euro Light Switch
* Yellow Inner FTP Lights
* All Interior lights replaced with LED's
* License Plate Lights Replaced with LED's
* City Lights Replaced with LED's
* VMR V710 - 18x8.5
* Color Matched Side Markers
* Audi A3 Engine Cover
* HOEN 9006 Xenon Match Fog Lights

* RNS-510 Head Unit
* 9W7 Bluetooth Retro-Fit
* Custom Sidemount Stealth Sub Box
* Skar Audio VD-10 Shallow Mount 10" Sub
* JL Audio XD300/1 Monoblock AMP
* AudioControl L2Ci

The day I got it home... :wub:
2009 - TSI - TR - 2DR - GTI

After I had the car for about 3weeks I decided that it was time to get a Tune so I read a ton of info and made my decision. I went with a fully loaded APR Stage 1 tune...

After that, my next upgrade was some SWEET smoked side-markers from BFI that I picked up at SoWo.

Next up, Tint, 15% all around (Except for the front).

After having that done, I had to wait a little, but the next step was to go Stage 2 as quickly as possible. So I picked up a BSH Race Intake from CallsignJester and a 3" Raceland Catless DP from a local dude that was selling it for $40.

After that I headed back up to get my ECU upgraded to the latest APR Stage 2 tune for the TSI, but I was able to feel performance immediately.

Time goes by, and I see that VW is having the crazy ass deal on the Thunderbunny Rear Bumper and the Thunderbunny Side Skirts, so I jump on that...

I have them for a little while before I was actually able to do the install... but, it came out so much better than I would have imagined. Really helped the car to get rid of the textured lowers (RE: OPINION)

Got the rear installed first, the whole process was cake...

In between the install of the rear and the sides I grabbed a set of R-Line fog grilles and dropped them off at the paint shop to get the plastic bump on the top body color matched...

(The bottom 3 bar center grille came a week or so after, but its on now)

Then I picked up some H&R Super Sports and got them installed.

And later that night me and a friend worked for like 4hours installing the sides... (Urethane and DS 3M Automotive Trim Tape)

After all that was done, I went ahead and installed an AWE Vent Mounted Boost gauge and a 42DD Boost Tap, and while I was at it I also decided to do the Noise Pipe Delete with a Raven6T9 plug and a cap from Home Depot, this worked amazingly well and I was very happy with the results.

Recently I picked up a Votex Rep lip and its currently at the paint shop getting all, painted, and stuff :biggrin:

Lip Installed

Also Ordered and Incoming:
18" VMR V710 wheels in Gunmetal
Wolfsburg Top Grille

Can't wait to get the new stuff on and get some shots taken... I shall update as the parts arrive and are installed!! :thumbup:


Took some night shots out at the EA meet last week...

Next week... VMR/Wolfsburg/Powder-Coated/Custom Paint Content!!

Update with new PiX

UPDATE - 11/8/12

Got done with my center console a few weeks back, check it out!

  • RCD - 510 Stereo Upgrade
  • Center Console Plastic Painted - VW Indian Grey Pearl
  • DSG Shifter Trim Painted - Rolls Royce Phantom Black
  • Hand Stitched DSG Shift Boot - Dark Red
  • Replaced E-Brake Handle with Red Stitched handle

Here are some pix!

*** UPDATE 6/12/13 ***

A good friend took some pix while we were out and about at a Beach Cruise and a local BBQ, thought I'd share.

W.A.L.K. kit going on!

Suspension upgrade :

Here's how I got my used DanGSR rear sway, it was pretty rusty, had the endlink bolts stuck where they were and paint was flaking off :

After finally getting the bolts out, I took it in and had it powder coated, and this is the end result and install :

Had the rear main seal go... what a shit show that was :

FMIC Install :

And some shorts from Sebring :

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Love what you've done so far! keep it up.


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Wolfsburg Full Front end is nice. I have the exact same setup you're going for only in BMP. :thumbup:

Still in love with the TB rear/sides on Tornado Red.


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Really nice! We didn't get the thunderbunny over here, is there a big difference between GTI sideskirts and the thunderbunny ones?


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Really nice! We didn't get the thunderbunny over here, is there a big difference between GTI sideskirts and the thunderbunny ones?

Its not huge, but its there... if you look at the painted shots you can see that they are a little bit bigger, with 2 cut outs on each piece, but they have a little bit more 'design' to them, is the best way I can say it.

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i Love the car man! :thumbsup: especially the thunder bunny rear. how much did u pay for it at the dealer with the special? i think dealers here are selling them here for 600$ lol


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It was $199 for the Rear and $199 for the Sides... then I had a 15% off coupon that they let me use on the whole order.

So around $350'ish out the door... :thumbsup:

I plan on getting TB sides and the same Rep Lip after Christmas. Hoping the dealers don't run out of sideskirts till then. :lol:


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I plan on getting TB sides and the same Rep Lip after Christmas. Hoping the dealers don't run out of sideskirts till then. :lol:

lol ... I swear that there's only like 12 people in the world that even know about them, so I have faith that they'll still be around :thumbsup:

Just as an FYI, the lip came rather rough, so if you're doing any of the work yourself you'll need to prep it real well. And like I said in the thread in the Cosmetic section, there were 2-3 areas that didn't sit perfectly at first but ended up fixing themselves. Also, you'll have to bend the tabs straight as they come bent at like some 90 degree angle, so just heat them up and bend them out straight. The body shop broke one of them and then epoxied the shit out of it to get it back on when they were bending it, so just be aware of that to. Its nothing anyone will ever see (unless you plan on rolling your car that is) so its almost irrelevant, but I thought I'd share my experience :thumbup:


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have the same same front lip as op, also side skirts. Don't bend the tabs on the lip.........they break easily. Put the lip on and then you'll see how close are tabs to the oem mounting holes. Just have a drill handy.