Finally spotted another GTI


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On Rt 27 in Edison, NJ. Saw a candy white GTI today about 1:30pm.
Its the FIRST gti i've seen on the road besides my own :)
Wonder if it was anyone from here. I know theres one or two of you
from the area ??


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Plano, Texas
I've seen 3 others so far. A Red, black, and white one.

Rabbit GTI

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U S and A
a GTI.
the only one on the road, other than my friend's black magic on campus was a candy white one on rt 129 in trenton, heading back towards 295 last weekend.
There's 2 (including mine) in my immediate area. The other happens to be a guy i've known since we were little. He's got a red one. When i was at a dealer a week before i got mine i saw and older guy getting one, then the 2nd day i had mine i saw him getting into his at a doctors office. not sure how close he lives though. i see a red one going south on rt.210 in front of my job everyday or so. not sure if its the guy i know or someone who lives in southern MD. But i have yet to see one when i'm driving.


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I haven't seen another one driving yet. I know there are a couple in the Cleveland area. Go Cavs! Lebron James rules...sorry wrong forum.:burnrubber: