Excelerate Performance: Northeast Audi & VW Performance and Service Center

We wanted to start our first thread here to introduce ourselves and what we offer here at Excelerate Performance. We moved just about a year ago to 12 Sycamore Way in Branford, CT. This location houses our 11,000 sq ft facility where we have designated almost 75% of our building to service-related work. Our service area boasts a 5,500 sq ft service area with five 2 post 10k FORWARD low-profile lifts, a waiting room for our customers with TV and comfortable couches, a break room for our employees, an inventory room, a LANAIR Waste Oil Burner, heating and air condition in the office and showroom, ample parking, and much much more.

We also have an extensive array of mechanic’s tools, including specialty tools for many German and Japanese vehicles. Each of these tools allows us to diagnose and repair your vehicle more efficiently. This saves you money and time. Additionally, we have a Miller MIG and TIG welder, Blue Point smoke machine, SNAP On Verus, Autoenginuity Scan Tool, VAG Com, Durametric, and many many more tools. Each of these tools allows us to diagnose and repair your vehicle more efficiently. This saves the customer money and time. In order to improve the performance of vehicles we have various tools for flashing: APR Cheetah cable, APR CPD programmer, APR Universal Programming Device, APR Computer Clamping Device, Active Autowerke Flashing Station, JHM cable, Softronic cable, United Motorsport and more.

Although Excelerate Performance specializes in the sales and installation of performance parts on your VW and Audi, we do also perform regular maintenance and service work. Services range from oil changes to engine builds. We do it all: suspension, brakes, timing belts, Check Engine Light diagnosis, VAG COM work, etc.

So give us a call at 203-483-6100, send us an email at or shoot us a PM to discuss your service needs or your performance wants. We will be happy to help and set up an appointment.

Here is a link to our Facebook page with some of the work we have performed over the years:

Below are just a few photos of some the performance modifications that we have done to some German vehicles.

Full of performance goodies, the showroom is like a candy store for speed addicts.

Dyno services and rental

Hunter Auto34 Tire Mounting Machine and Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer

We get it, your RS5 is awesome. Thats why Exclerate Performance is here.
Bring it to a group of gearheads who salivate when your car comes in rather than taking the chance that the dealer will care for your car like we will.

Haven't seen this yet! MK6 GTI 2.0T TSi came in for a misfire and lean running condition.
With a rather unknown service history the customer wanted us to do a carbon cleaning and to replace one injector (cyl 3) based on our diagnostic work there wasn't much else to look without pulling off the intake.
The spark plug in cylinder 3 was also much cleaner than the other when we pulled them to check them (very interesting).
While starting the carbon cleaning our mechanic noticed that one of the valves wasn't opening and was stuck shut when he went to rotate the engine.
This explained why the car passed a leak down test, and why cyl 3 was higher than all the other cylinders!
Broken Roller Rocker



Ready to race!
I am two hours away but will happily drive over to CT and leave my car there for as long as needed if you can fix this...

This is actually a good cold start, now it turns over a few times over 2-3 secs before it starts. Hasn't failed to start yet, but cold starts are terrible and getting worse.

This issue has been plaguing me for few years at least. Many attempts to fix this, so far just wasted a few thousands dollars with little to show for it.
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