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Hampton, NH
So Saturday I went to EVOMS for my reflash. David was there and started the install within mins of me getting there. I was talking to him about Anders GTi (which was out front), I asked him about the suspension and he told me Anders was inside and would most likely take me for a ride if I wanted to see how it feels.
I so inside and Anders offers to take me for a ride without me even asking!!!! These guys are GREAT. They are so laid back, the shop was spotless, and the job was done quick without any problems.
The only other shop that I have dealt with in Arizona has been a shop in Scottsdale that, well lets just say they think their sh#t don't stink. It was a great vibe at EVO and I can't wait to work with them again.
Now for the reflash itself.... HOLY SH#T. I didn't think it was possiable to love my car anymore but Anders and David proved me wrong. On Sunday I drove from PHX back to Cali and didn't have one problem and MPG was about the same as before. I would recommend this reflash to anyone, you won't belive the results.
So to EVOMS and their whole crew thank you. :clap:

Anders @ EVO

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It was a pleasure to have you, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to modify your car, I am glad you are enjoying it. I'm sure we will be seeing much more of you as more products become available...its an addiction:wink: