Eurocars DD build thread - Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon


5/17/15 - Never forget
2006 GTI
Recently, my Focus SVT was totaled out due to hail damage. I let the insurance company have it since I hated that car. Found a Saab 9-5 Aero wagon on craigslist, guy was asking 1700 for it and it looked good. Went and test drove it; brakes were crap, it was knocking badly, it was pouring coolant out near the firewall and the oil pressure light was on. Went home and thought about wether or not I wanted to DD the GTI in the meantime.

Finally went back 2 days later with the part to fix the coolant leak so I could drive it home from Cincinatti to Indianapolis. It barely made it back to my place but it did. What sounded like a bad lifter at the sellers house was now a full on banging from inside the crankcase. Overall, its in very good condition - minor rust in the front of the rear tire well which is common for that gen saab but also has heated front and rear seats, leather, working ac, 2 piece BBS RK's and tons of room to haul stuff around.

I decided that instead of hoping the crank was good in the stock engine to rebuild that I was going to upgrade. The stock engine in these cars is B235R which has internals that are good for up to 300 hp. I picked up a B234 out of an older Saab 9000 that has internals good to around 500 or so. Taking the bottom end from that, refreshing it, stealing the head from the engine thats in the car now and its ready to go for 500 hp if I want it to. Stock turbo is a TD-04.



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Wasting no time! Awesome!