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Euro Tripper 5, February 3/4,2017 Fort Myers Fl


Go Kart Champion
SW Florida
Euro Tripper is back again.

Bigger and better than anything we have done before.

Back to Jet Blue Park, but now 100% of the main show will be on the giant, lush, green grass of the West Soccer Fields. Massive spot and plenty of room all on one field.

Also we are returning the big drive on stage, but even bigger, wider, longer and more low friendly.

New this year is a beer garden and a premeet Friday night. BBQ event, with food, DJs, drinks, BMX demos and lots of fun.

Also returning is our Tour Series dedications. This year the tour moves to Holland and we are partnering with the amazing Men In Volkswagens (MIVW) event.

Our Title Sponsors for the event are, Airlift Performance, Volkswagen of America, UroTuning and Simply Clean.

The Friday BBQ event is sponsored by UROTuning. for more information.



Go Kart Champion
SW Florida
Euro Tripper 5 update:

We are now going to allow entry by cash(no ticket) at the gate. After final review with the security, concerns were raised about wether enough fans knew tickets were required.

So we are now allowing cash at the gate. The price at the gate is $30 and includes a $5 raffle ticket.

Purchasing a ticket online instead is significantly cheaper and smoother entry ($20). The ticket system stay open. We highly encourage you to use the online ticket method instead of cash at gate.

Cash at gate customers will also not be able to be counted in the Best Club trophy competition, since we have no data for cash sales.