ErBall's Thunderbunny Build log


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Oh man, I forget about this thread for months at a time.

So as Eric stated, the car is currently down. Not that I haven't been working on it and driving it on and off for the past year or so.

I've done a few things since the last update.
- Swapped to a tial .63 turbine housing. Spool has improved massively. Went from 25psi at 5100 to 25 at 3900rpms. I can tell there isn't as much up top, but the driving dynamics are so improved I could care less.

- Replaced the Bosch 044 with an AEM 320lph in the surge tank. Redid all the lines with OEM style pushloc fittings.

- Swapped out to ZZP LDK injectors from the LNF injectors.

- Ordered Eurodyne Meastro, have yet to flash ecu for reasons.

So injector one is overfueling and giving a decent amount of misfire codes, with enough fuel being sprayed to actually wash down the intake valves and going into the intake manifold. This is the whole reason I replaced the injectors in the first place, thinking I had a bad one. All the injector wiring appears to be solid, with no shorts in the system I can find. Continuity is good, and resistance is uniform across the board on injectors and harness. Brand new coilpacks and spark plugs also.

I did a compression check and found 110-120 psi across the board. Within wear limits, but lower than I expected given I re-ringed the engine at rebuild. I've ordered a leakdown tester and will find out more on that front hopefully soon.

So yeah, tons of fun /s. If I have more issues i'll probably sell the car or part it accordingly. I REALLY want a new A3.

I've had 3 different tunes on this ECU, so it's possible it's a injector driver (per erics help), but I'm not willing to go down that route till I've exhausted everything else.


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looks good