Engine cutting off


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Golf mk5
Hi I’ve had my mk5 golf for almost 2 years now. It’s an 04 plate and done around 150k.
It’s had a new turbo on a year ago.

Yesterday I was driving my car home from work on a dual carriage way, I was going slow so around 60mph. The car suddenly decides to slip for a second but is still driving, then it’s fine. It did this a couple of times then I noticed the oil can and glow plug light come on when it next did it, again for a couple of seconds. Popping it out and back into gear seemed to do a trick, I think. Note I was only driving for 5-10 mins by this point. 20mins in to my journey, it does it again, this time for much longer before giving me back power to accelerate again, but the time after this, it flashed up “STOP! Check oil pressure. Turn engine off!” I pulled over and it turned itself off.

I pulled over and waited around an hour for a relative to pick me up, when they did it sounded fine, no lights again, but 5mins after the engine was running (sat still, hadn’t moved) it switched itself off again. I proceeded to drive it home (not that I wanted to) for around 30-45mins and it had no issues. My dad drove it this morning briefly and it died on him and refused to start again, the engine just kept turning over. It was abandoned all day until tonight when it was collected, topped up with oil, but kept shutting down (only a 5min journey).

Please can anyone advise?

Not sure if it’s relevant but it does have a major water leak but has never ever done this to me before. It’s been leaking water the entire time I’ve had it and never caused issues. Has had some stuff to seal the leak temporarily though