ED30 DSG vs Rover MG turbo


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You're probably not familiar with Rover's, let alone MG's, so few facts first. Modern MG's (since 2000) come in 2-seater roadsters and 4-seater hatchbacks, incredibly lightweight cars just under 2500 lbs with very few and rare exceptions and are equipped with a variety of motors, usually a 1.8, all naturally aspirated. The one I raced was originally nothing to brag about power-wise, but it became something when the owner swapped motors and put in Rover's best 1.8 making 160 hp, though still NA, but then turbo built it.

So that was a turbo MG roadster, owner hasn't dynoed, said he has to be near 300 hp and I on the other hand dynoed 366.5 hp on a hot day in May this year, which was right after my DSG stage 2 tune, but I haven't dynoed since the R8 coils and definitely not in decent conditions so I could be well over 370 in that race. :iono: Other that that, I had a passenger and he was by himself, 70F ambient and we did a 30 mph roll that was kinda low for me but no problem, all the way to a little over 130 mph.

Sorry for the introduction but I assumed you stateside guys would like to know some facts first. Unless you actually know about these little cars. :biggrin: