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Volkswagen MKV ECS Tuning Dogbone Mount Inserts - $39.95 w/Free Shipping!

Mount up. Add an ECS Tuning dogbone mount stiffener and tighten the tranny-to-chassis connection. Reduce drivetrain movement--especially when your right foot is all the way down--with this high-durometer polyurethane insert, available in red or black.

This complete kit installs easily to add muscle to your flabby OE pendulum mount. No need to remove the old mount; just insert the stiffener and fasten it to the chassis with the stretch bolt and large washer included in the kit.

Our step-by-step photo tutorial shows you how to harness your horses for improved performance.



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I got sick of seeing this advertised (forums and e-mails) and decided to stop resisting. I ordered @ 1:54PM on Tuesday, it shipped same day @ 2:20, and I had the part Thursday :eyebulge:. I think this was the first thing I've ordered from ECS that was delivered USPS and I'm awful impressed with the speed of delivery.

I used their video for the install - it only took half my lunch break at work to do. Initial impression is that shifts are indeed more "crisp" - although it's nothing drastic. I haven't noticed ANY increase in NVH. I haven't had a chance to see if wheel hop is reduced yet. On the whole, I'm quite pleased with the purchase (modest improvement for less than the cost of an oil change - hard to beat that).

Thanks ECS!:thumbup:
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