DIY PTC (Auxiliary) Heater Install

My guess would be the E version, but that's only a guess. I don't really know much about the F and G, except that they are said to be 'dumb' versions.
we never had that engine in the USA.

my impression is that many if not all mk5 climatic and climatronic can control the E revision PTC, but F and G may require help from the dealership if the car didn't come with it.


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Well Car has climatronic though but other concern is the alternator that is 110a vs. 140A on TDI cars... Will that also be an issue? I read an article claiming 2008 rabbits have already the F version.... Perhaps I should check my controller /not sure which one/ version and then determine whether E or F...
what you see in this thread is what we know about them.

I am betting that you need the E version unless your CECM is from a car that was delivered with the F version.

Try the tdiclub forums?

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Hello everyone,

I believe I have a problem with my freshly bought PTC. I have just installed it (baby coming in ~1 month, can`t wait for the 2.0 liters whale to heat up... it is very slow) and I have the two errors I have seen in one of Natalie's PTCs:
00361 - Heater Element for Auxiliary Heater (Z35)
014 - Defective
01299 - Diagnostic Interface for Data Bus (J533)
005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation

I have tried clearing the codes but the module refuses to clear them (typical behavior for module malfunction).

I am unable to get any heat from the module in normal operation mode (outside it`s below freezing, engine is idling, generator load ~20%, voltage about 14v), but only in VCDS`s Output Testing Mode.

I purchased my PTC for about $150, second hand, from some local car disassembly shop, and I had about 15 days to tell them whether it works or not... unfortunately the invoice was made about 2 weeks before I picked it up, so my time is up...

I searched all other forums, but I couldn`t find any relevant information which to help me at least "fire" the resistor while still having 2 working elements.. I am able to fire it with "output tests" - I get about 680 watts, so one element is indeed toasted... (although it eats more than 2 x 333w - could be some faulty mosfet ressitor?). Anyway, unable to make it hot by only using the AC unit. Coolant Temp / Generator Load / Outside Temp preconditions are all false, but the resistor is still OFF... Do I need to perform some adaptation in the Climatronic unit?

I have a Skoda Octavia 2 from 2007 which I purchased 5 years ago @ 160k, now it has 240k, Elegance model (all equipment installed (like rain sensor, light sensor, full speakers, all 4 doors automatic windows.. all the sh!@# which can easily break) except for PTC and chair heating which would be really useful where I live... sometimes even -20*C / -4*F). The car must have been used where the climate is warmer, since it had no thick wiring for the PTC, some hard work yesterday... Didn`t know how to open the central console panel, ended up taking everything apart (nothing broke :D).

Thank you all for your help!


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Rooter - It's been almost 2 years since I put mine in but it sounds like your core might be the issue. I just followed the steps in the DIY as far as coding goes to get the element to work. For me it turns out the first unit was broken.

You should not have to remove any of the dash besides below the drivers footwell to install the PTC heater. All coding is done with the vagcom cable. Can you show us screen shots of your coding in VCDS?


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All good, PTC working 100%

Hello Natalie,

The problem is solved.

It seems that my CAN GW has some very strange way of adding a module... You can` simply modify the bits and save the new coding, although it tells you that the coding was accepted, in fact, if you check again, you have not performed any changes... I had to open an "Installed modules" window and simply mark the checkbox corresponding to the 7D auxiliary heater. Once I marked that checkbox and saved, the coding automatically updated.... Very odd... However, I am happy since all went just fine, half of the errors dissapeared and I was able to clear the rest of them (even the faulty resistor and now I can get full 1012W output)... heat is automatically switched on even if I am on 23*C/73*F (outside temperature was -9*C/16*F). If I use econ, it turns of gradually (over 3~5 seconds) and then the status is OFF. It turns on the same way (gradually). I was able to feel hot air after 4 minutes of idling, water still on 15*C/59*F.

I will post more details after the new year.

I have VCDS 12.12.3 (mine) and I know very well how to use it (a company I work for makes these devices, however I am on industrial automation division (c/c++/c# programming - interfacing devices etc), not automotive electronics - car interfacing/diagnostics/creation of VAGCOM/firmware upgrades etc etc...).

Thank you for the time, very kind of you.

Have a Happy New Year!
Battery drain? Issues like that?

Hello !

Running this already on my gasoline engine - problem-free, great mod.
But a friend of mine wants to install this on a diesel Skoda Octavia - i'm sure it would work, but will he encounter any battery drainage problems or anything like that?

I'm sure his fear comes from the fact that diesel uses more AMPs to start-up the engine than a gasoline engine.
Just asking ahead :) many thanks and appreciations !
Also, my first post here, happy to be here & saying hello to everyone !


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Hi AlexAlmostDSG,

I do own a 2007 Skoda Octavia 2, diesel, 2.0TDI, BKD, 103kw/130hp. I installed this module about a year ago and it works like a charm ever since. There are no battery drainage problems, nothing that may cause any problems or concerns. The only tricky thing is the coding update which did not work by simply modifying/marking the respective flag, I had to open some additional configuration window and mark the checkbox corresponding to aux heater... lol... The installation itself is very straightforward if you have a heated garage, otherwise your friend will have numb and painful fingers (I was lucky that I had a heated garage when I did the wiring harness, yet the first module was faulty but the seller replaced it no questions asked and the second time I had to open the car it was no fun... -10*C... no garage... (garage owner went skiing for 3 weeks)

Good luck with the module installation to all of you!

Should you need some pictures with my installation, please do ask - I will be more than happy to provide them (although I would have to "procure" some time to search for them as my 9-months old baby boy is very active).