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So, I installed the sender for my oil pressure gauge and took pics.
A few notes:
The oil pressure gauge on the mk5 GTI is more or less useless. You either have pressure, or you don't and the warning light comes on :) this is mostly a cosmetic thing I guess. Looks great though.
I'd already run the sensor wire through from the engine bay to the cabin, so that's not covered, this is purely the sender install. I ran it through with my turbo gauge sensor wire - there's other installs that cover this.
I'm not responsible for you breaking your ride :p But this is a pretty simple and quick install. The longest part of it was when I dropped my socket wrench and had to find it :rollseyes:

NewSouth banjobolt. It wants a 19mm socket and needs to be torqued to 30nM:

Need to get access, so remove your engine cover/intake arm and heatshield if you have one:

Look over the engine, and you'll find the banjobolt easily enough:

It's an absolute PITA to install though, as it's very stiff and there's not enough room in there to get much leverage. I believe it was a 10mm allen key needed for this, but I don't recall exactly. Here's the removed bolt. I put a rag around it as I took it out as it leaked a little oil - but not much.

Here's the bolt removed and the bare banjoport:

Newsouth banjobolt installed. *edited for tardness* - put one crush washer on "top" of the feed line, one "under" it. So it goes banjobolt - washer - feed line - washer - turbo.

Torque it up! 30nM:

Here's the Defi oil pressure sender, installed and tightened up:

Tidied away the sender wire:

Now, here's a weird thing. Whilst I was putting my heatshield on, I dropped my small socket wrench and took about half an hour to find it. It's by KS tools. Whilst I was rummaging around for it in the bay, I grabbed onto something which I was sure was it - anyway, I pulled it up, and look what I found:

:eyebulge: No idea how that got in there or how long it's been in there.

Guess it must have been left in there by a VW tech :paddle:
Anyway, got that out and found my wrench eventually... put everything back together and fired the car:


Photoset here:
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If you put in both washers you will obscure the lower hole significantly. If you look at the OEM banjobolt it comes with only one crush washer - measure with a vernier and you will find that one washer will make the two bolts the same, if you have two washers it will be too high.

I'm not sure I follow you. You should have the banjo bolt, one washer, the oil feed line, and then another washer. Then attach to the turbo. So which washer didn't you use? I'm not sure that's correct.


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By oil feed line do you mean the 90* adaptor for the NewSouth unit?

Pressure sender attaches to banjo bolt which has washer and is attached to the turbo. I don't understand what the oil feed line is that you mention.

See also the photo of the OEM removed banjo bolt?

After doing some reading here:

- specifically the bit marked "banjo fittings" -

<strike>I did not remove the "oil feed line" as that is attached to the body of the turbo. The only removable item was the banjo bolt and crush washer - which I replaced exactly as I found it, albeit with the NewSouth bits instead of the OEM bolt and crush washer.</strike>
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Ten thousand humble apologies to you KJIV. Car was leaking oil, so I took the banjobolt out again, and whaddya know, the oil feed line is not attached to turbo (as I thought) and the second crush washer is not doing its job on the other side of the feed... so I put that back, filled up with some oil, and apart from some drips now where the last of the leak is trickling out, the problem seems to be resolved.

I am a tard and a noob, and you have my apologies.


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Just a heads up - I tried to do this today and the stock bolt on mine was a (10mm?) 12-point and not an allen. And of course those are impossible to find, so I'm SOL.


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Wow, SnapOn USA....
Good find. lol


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I can't see the pics where I'm at right now, but I find it hard to believe that the signal you got from an oil pressure sender would only give you enough to show if there was pressure or not. I think something is a bit messed up on that. Are you using a Defi sender and gauge (remember, can't see pics)? What pressure range does the sender detect?


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Just a heads up - I tried to do this today and the stock bolt on mine was a (10mm?) 12-point and not an allen. And of course those are impossible to find, so I'm SOL.

Sounds like a "triple-square"