DIY - A3 Throttle Pipe


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I did a DIY on the tex over here:

My friend and I installed the pipe this weekend, We agree that 2 pairs of hands make this mod a little easier.

Tools youll need:

You can get the Pipe at the VW dealer : PN: 1K0 145 770 K

7mm Socket
10mm Socket
Phillips Screwdriver
T-20 Hex Bit
T-30 Hex Bit
Vice Grip / Pliers

Step 1 - Take off the MAF Sensor and the Engine Cover

Step 2 - Take off the noise pipe thats on the passanger side of the engine cover.

Step 3 - Take the rock sheild out from under the car. (2 tab clips and 12 hex screws) After you take out the screws, push in the tabs and pull towards the back of the car and it will slide out.

Step 4 - Locate the pipe your going to replace, its dead center in front of the engine. There is a screw at the top and the bottom thats holding it in aswell as a nut in the middle of the pipe.
Step 5 - Take the Boost / Air sensor off the pipe. (You can just unclip it for now)
Step 6 - Take off the top/bottom screws and the nut.
Step 7 - Disconnect the rubber pipe from the top of the pipe your replacing. (youll see why SAMCO pipes wont help, stock pipes are sooo nice)
Step 8 - Disconnect the other rubber pipe off the bottom of the pipe that connects your intercooler.
Step 9 - Remove the pipe.
Step 10 - Unscrew the sensor mount from the old pipe and relocate it to the new A3 pipe.
Step 11 - Mount the new A3 pipe where the old pipe was. Make sure you put 2 screws back on. 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom, aswell as the nut in the middle.
Step 12 - Clip the hoses back onto the pipe and check connections
Step 13 - Plug hole where you removed the noise pipe into the firewall.
Step 14 - Put back the engine cover / MAF
Step 15 - Slide back the rock guard.

When I was done, I took it for a spin and my intercooler pipe popped off and the engine bogged bad. make sure you clamp the hoses back on good!
Ask any questions if you have any.
Heres the helps ride:

3.0L VR6, Higher compression, Pistons, Rods, Coilovers too much to explain. None the less my favorite VW ive riden in. He is like a wheelman! Anyways enjoy the better throttle response!
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Your Welcome.

You def dont have to remove the cover, I liked to so I can see and move around a lil better.

Please this was the first time ever workin on a car so I wanted to learn as much as I could my first time.


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Less pipe. That's always good. No prob. I finally battled and got mine off to install the K&N. What fun that was. Not.


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i bet few people know what he's actually doing with that pipe ^_^


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I think VW is onto our little game as far as this pipe goes.

The folks who did this a few months ago paid $35 or so for this pipe. VW wants $85 for it now. I called every VW dealership within 30 miles of here, none of them have it in stock. Ended up ordering it online from a place in Washington for $63.

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call me stupid but where is that pipe located exactly i looked all over my GTI and cant find it.