Discount Tire gives $1 million to campaign against marijuana legalization

Will Discount Tires Recent Donation Change Where You Shop?

  • Screw the hippies! I will continue shopping at Discount Tire

    Votes: 4 6.5%
  • Meh, I don't care as long as I get my tires

    Votes: 23 37.1%
  • GIMME DAT WEED. I will no longer support this business

    Votes: 12 19.4%
  • Doesn’t personally affect me, but I will not support them

    Votes: 23 37.1%

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Yeah, probably. I don't like smoking pot, but by far the most harmful thing about marijuana is getting caught with it.

I'm in negotiations with an employer in the cannabis sector right now. I'm totally pro legalization and have always been, even if the effects of it aren't really for me.

Edit: And there's absolutely no way I'm ever willingly adding to the coffers of a 'pray the gay away' program through my consumerism. I may have non PC 2020 opinions on plastic surgery dependent personas, but pray the gay away is disgusting. Cho-mos in glass houses casting stones.
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I used to be a huge proponent that marijuana should be banned, because I thought it was very bad for the body. After some events in my life, I managed to try this plant in its best and juiciest form, and I really liked it. Since there was no disastrous effect, I began to use this tool more and more often, which, by the way, helped me fight insomnia and relaxed very much. After that, I found an article on the Internet called "10 Best CFD Oil Reviews 2020" and then I was wondering what effect these oils have. I tried it and still can't leave the seller alone)
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If you own a business you can do what you want.
tried doing multi-quotes but failed. Rather than 3rd attempt this is the only stuck one. It isn't what I believe you are saying but is discrimination (of any type) allowable if that's what they want?

Props to them for closing....their choice.

I think it was MonkeyMD who mentioned closing one day week. I have mixed feelings about it but yeah not a bad idea.

fwiw I'm a strong Atheist but I have no problem with religion if it's what you like. The majority of the writings of any religion are good. I did smile at the Muslim suggestion. Sadly that is correct and folks would freak out .

CFA 1x and I'd rather eat a mediocre burger than chicken. I would still go to discount tire even though I'm somewhat for legalization even though I no longer partake (sober 10 yrs!) but the chain in NE is townfair.

Jim (yes I did see orig post date and this seems to be a good revival)
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