Detailed my new golf


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Portsmouth, UK
Hi guys, fairly new to this forum and i got my golf a couple of weeks ago. As i am a very avid valeter/detailer I had to paint correct it as soon as i got it!!

I'll let the pics do the talking!

I've got some more aftershots that i took which i'll put online later.

Spread the detail over 2 days and had to dodge the rain which was a pain!
the colour looks immense now!

I have plans for the car so it wont be standard for long!



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Wow. That looks like it was very time consuming :p Nice job.


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Portsmouth, UK
nice job. what products did you use?

snow foam for the presoak?
Products used were the following

Foam (presoak): Bilthamber auto foam mixed with a small amount of shampoo and Autosmart G101 to remove any protection on the car
Wash: Two bucket method with Autosmart Duet, dried with super thick microfibre drying towel
Wheels/Tyres/Arches: cleaned with Autosmart G101
*paint readings then taken*
Machine polished: using 3m Fast cut plus, 3m Ultrafina, Dodo Juice Lime Prime,
Glaze: Poor Boys white diamond show glaze
Wax: 4 Coats of Dodo Juice Supernatural
Final Wipe down: Dodo Juice Red Mist

Door shuts: Autosmart Tango
Tyre Dressing: Autosmart Finish
Wheels wax: Poor Boys wheel sealant
Platics: Autosmart Trim Wizard


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Portsmouth, UK
Splendid work!

I've got a question thought. I noticed that the chrome "golf" lettering on your boot-lid is gone. How did you remove them whitout damaging the paint?
Hi, it couldn't be easier!!! use a hairdryer or heat gun (on a low heat) and just heat the badges up a bit then pull them off. you'll be left with the tape underneath but just use your nail to pick it off then just use a tar/glue remover to get the sticky off. You may need to give your bootlid a quick polish if the paint has faded slightly.

Easy and effective mod :)