Dan GSR is a ricer


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singer island,fl

and yes , it is possible to fit 255's all around, and be low

your car looks great! im on 225s and since i put 20mm spacers in the rear on my huffs i rubbed can i get my 225s with spacers and not to rub?


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As stated, the reason he can run that low with 255's is because of his camber. Look at the side pictures; you can see the top of his tires are pointing inwards and thus not rubbing. The only solution to that is to get camber plates.

If you want to do it on the cheap, either take the spacers off (but I know how that goes because then they're not flush) or raise it up 1/2" or however much you need (I'm assuming your on coilovers). The more expensive way without getting camber plates would be to pull the fenders. Hell, you could get a 215/40 tire too and see if that helps.

Let's see a picture.

And FWIW, Dan does not run that low all the time. In fact I'm willing to bet he raised it after driving on it for a few miles after this photoshoot.