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I've been having a string of bad luck and it just keeps going.

Anyways...I wanted a downpipe for my Tiguan.
I tried the Unitronic one and that didn't fit/work.

So CTS was one of the few that makes one specifically for the Tiguan.

I found a vendor that sold it for about $45 less than directly from CTS AND also had free shipping and placed an order. ($513 SHIPPED)

I emailed CTS and asked them a question about fitment and then the guy tells me that if I order from them directly instead, they'll match that price & take another $50 off too @ $460 SHIPPED. As well as ship it out right away, because it was in stock he said. I'd have it in 4 days too, he told me.

And that if I place the order thru the vendor (which I already had), they PURPOSELY delay the shipment a couple days instead of shipping it out right away.
(they want the direct sale instead)

This guy was emailing me back & forth around 2am (Eastern time) btw. INSTANT responses.
Sounds like a good deal, right?

So I tell the vendor to cancel the order (which was a little bit of a nightmare) and then CTS goes off the grid after that.
I emailed them for a week straight trying to place the order for the downpipe, no responses back at all.
Here, please, take my money. No reply.
I called one day and got some clueless guy on the phone, he had no idea what was going on and/or how to place an order.
I eventually get my refund from the vendor during this time.

So I email the "operations manager" and he writes me back right away. And then I have a PayPal invoice almost immediately & I pay it.

I ask him when it'll ship out, and he says they have to fabricate it. WTF?
It was in stock you told me.
He said I'd get a tracking number. I never did, until I emailed and asked them for it.
It didn't take 4 days to get, btw. It took 2 weeks.

So it finally shows up on Tuesday and I open the box. There's 2 holes in the welds on the turbo flange.
And the hanger welds didn't look too impressive either.

I send an email with pics, no reply & it's been 2 days.

Went to a local welding shop & had them "fix"/weld it.....that was $40. The guy said the welds weren't that great, they were going too fast/rushed.
I filed a PayPal claim for a refund for $40, but still haven't heard back from them on that either.

So the money I saved by ordering directly from them, went to cover repairing their shoddy work. Awesome :rolleyes:

Crappy welds
Treat their vendors/resellers like crap
Horrible/nonexistent customer service

Stay away from these clowns, IMO

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That's expensive as fuck for such poor service and craftsmanship. I feel like I've heard this before about CTS.


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No emails/other replies back, but they "quietly" (no apology or explanation) refunded me the $40 thru the PayPal dispute for the welding on Saturday morning


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That sucks dude, it seems they are selling schrick 268/264 cams for my R, maybe they find a way to fuck that up too?

Safe bet you wouldn't get their k04 kit then lol.


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In my experience the parts have been pretty good quality... However their customer service is total dog shit even worse if you go into their office in person.