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CTS Turbo Downpipe for TSI 2.0T(sold)


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I recently purchased a 2009 GTI that came with an already installed CTS Turbo Catback exhaust. However, the owner included this unused downpipe which I can only assume came with the catback in a full turboback system. Since I live in California :cry:
HiFlow Cat configuration of the downpipe would not sit well with me... The product is brand new, never used but I do not have the box from the factory.

Product on CTS Turbo's Website -- all the information about the product and for install is here.
$400 New

If anyone is interested pm me or email me at,
-I live in Temecula, California so local pickup is an option
-I will also ship the item within the USA however the cost will be covered by the buyer.

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