Coolant Leak


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MK5 Golf GTI
Hi, since having my thermostat sorted, I have had the coolant level warning come on twice. The first time I just assumed that they had not refilled accounting for the temp of the car. So I thought that was a a bit pants on there part but no drama, will just top up. It then happened a little bit later and I had a more thorough look under the hood and think I have found a leak but looking at it the connection seems in tact and tight but obviously it isn't.

Could someone with more superior knowledge recommend what they would be looking to do upon seeing the attached pictures and knowing the coolant level has been dropping lately.

Also slightly off topic but I was ultimately thinking of upgrading to an S3 inter cooler as I know that would need me to drain the coolant anyway and wondered if anyone could confirm if this is a correct part: I question it because it is much cheaper than say the 200 pounds I have seen thrown about.

Thanks in advance


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