Close calls/near-misses/good timing, call it what you will, tell your tale here


Autocross Champion
New Jersey
2016 Golf R
We all have those moments, be it physically, financially, mentally or even universally where you find out you made the right call and you benefited from it. Lets here them, I'll start...

Yesterday I was on my way to work and was stopping for coffee. I needed gas but was already running late and figured I would stop after work. I pulled in and saw the gas truck filling the tanks. I really didn't want to be later than I was, but said to hell with it and filled up, I was pushing the range on the tank as it was. I fill up and continue on to work. On my way home, I pass the same gas station only to see gas jumped $0.12/gallon since that morning. While overall it won't matter, I will call it a victory.