Classified Thread Issue

Frank Reynolds

Go Kart Newbie
So Cal
Can we institute a policy for folks to edit their original post after they’ve sold an item in the classifieds? I can’t tell you how often I click a thread or hover over the thread title to see the thread preview and there is no mention the item is sold. so, i click it and maybe consider buying the item etc... It’s not until I scroll past photos and multiple posts saying “bump” or “PM’d” only to discover it was sold in the final post. I’d prefer to see the word “sold” when I hover over the thread title so I don’t click on a useless thread.

Thanks for your consideration


Drag Racing Champion
West Chicagoland
there was a way to do this on the forum that was added a while back. after you sell something/everything, you can just click a button at the top of your post and it flags the thread as sold or closed. It was super conveniant. also run off vbulletin if i'm not mistaken.