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Cheaper Than Dealer DSG Service/40-80K Service - North Side of Chicago


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Hey all,

Dealerships charge a lot for maintenance and on these cars it gets pretty expensive. I've been doing services for folks around Chicago for a few years much cheaper than dealerships and never did any advertising, just word of mouth. If anyone needs any maintenance or mods installed on their cars I'd be happy to help for a cheaper price than dealerships. PM me if you'd like to talk more.

General Services:
DSG Service - $300 (includes OEM fluid and OEM filter)
Manual Trans Fluid Change - $200
Fuel Filter $50
Cabin Filter $30
Spark Plugs/Coil Packs $40+the coil/spark plug cost of your choice
Vagcom - $20
Pad Replacement - $50 for front/rear. You'd supply the pad of your choice

Those are just some of the more common things I get asked about. Can generally handle any bolt on mod as well.

Thanks for reading.