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cd player unit help


New member
sorry i'm new, i really only came here as an attempt to not have to take my car into the shop.

my cd player unit went out in my GTI, it's an '03 and has the regular monsoon cd player unit like so:

basically i don't much about electrical stuff, maybe through this i could learn something. i checked all of the fuzes, they seem to all have power, but i can't actually find the exact fuze for the cd player, so i was thinking maybe there's one that's just got the wrong fuze in it and not giving it enough power to turn on. my ac controls work, my seat heaters work, but no power gets to the cd unit, it won't eject anything, no cds or tapes. is there anything i can look for to fix this on my own? i'd really like to not have to take it in.

Thanks for any help


rice eater
dose the radio come on and the cd and tape just dont work
if it dose then it will not be a fuse and your head unit is junk
but if nothing come on the check the plug in the back of the radio to see if its loose
do you know how to use a volt meter
if so check for constant 12V , swiched 12V and for a good ground