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CA emissions


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Saratoga Ca
I am feeling severely cheated. I have a low mileage Mk5 GTI that is itching for upgrades. I want to go stage 3 with all the fixins! , but Ca says “ No mods , no way!”.
Why can’t I do myself what Audi does to the RS3 from the factory. It’s been proven multiple times that emissions aren’t adversely effected by upgrades if done right. This damn CARB crap makes getting any performance part approved too expensive for tuners.
I have been referred to “ a guy” by some porsche owners that says my car will definitely pass his smog check, but the $$$$$$ is wow! ( covering his ass ). Living in the “take care of the Earth” is great, but damn it, I want to go fast!
Done bitchin’, you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled thread.......,


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If by stage 3 you mean K04 you can still pass emissions with it and a bit of work every 2 years. I ran K04 for many years passed smog the last 2 times. There are some other past discussions on how to pass in CA.

My car was 335whp and it moved quite well. The cost of doing this and getting the results is not inexpensive. You will need about 5 grand set aside for parts. Add another 2 grand if you do not plan on doing your own work. I am suggesting the use of all top quality gear. You can buy cheaper parts but you will get what you pay for and I recommend staying with top of the line stuff for top of the line performance and/or reliability. Also keep in mind this car is going to have almost twice the power of stock and brakes will not feel adequate, things like wheel hop will be exaggerated, to take advantage of the power you will want to make changes to suspension, brakes and tires. Also because your car is essentially one wheel drive an LSD is HUGE benefit if you have KO4 because it is hard to put the power down without it. That is another 2K.

K04 kit
HPFP fuel pump
Upgraded intercooler (APR, Wagner, Unitronic)
S3 fuel injectors
3in TB exhaust
Hi Flow intake
Hi Flow air charge pipes (2)