Bumpy ride


Ready to race!

I have a question, I recently had to replace my front struts mounts/bearing. When doing this job, I bought used OEM springs and shocks as my car is over 200k miles, I figured out it could only be an improvement.

The job done, I didn't really feel a difference in handling but the car feels much more "bumpy" especially at low speeds. The big bumps are absorbed well but under 30 mph I seem to feel every imperfections of the road in my back.

So I supposed the shocks/struts were bad, I ordered new shocks and struts (Sachs OEM equivalent), the situation improved but only marginally.

Now the handling at speed is better than before but it still feels bumpy. Could the springs be bad or cause this kind of behavior (the looked fine, with little or no corrosion and had the same height, thickness and width as my old ones). Ride height is also correct on all four corners.

As I said, big bumps are really well absorbed so I don't understand why it's uncomfortable on a normal road.

What could cause this issue? Any one has experience with that? Thanks