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Hey Guys,

So I finally took some pics of the install. Here goes:

For the two dome lights (front and back), you can take the cover off with a flathead scewdriver. Be careful not to dent/scratch the plastic though:

Of course, once you have the light cover off, pull the old bulbs out and replace with the new ones (be careful, they get REALLY hot, so wait a bit before taking them out after you have turned the light off!)

For the foot wells, glove box and rear hatch, you can take the light holder out by putting a flathead behind it and kind of prying it out of the housing. Once again, be careful because all of these parts are plastic.

The light holders are very tricky. I did not takes pics, because I forgot, but it there is a metal housing around the bulb to protect it, and keep the heat in. You can kind of see it in the above picture. You have to carefully peel back the metal tabs on the sides using a flathead screwdriver. PLEASE PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is very easy to break the metal tabs, so I do not take any responsibility for your actions.

The rear hatch light uses a bulb of the same wattage and voltage (12V, 10W), but the bulb is bigger. You simply have to adjust the bulb holder to the contacts on the end of the M28 bulbs still touch the metal. It is very easy.

That covers the interior. It would be more in depth, but the install is VERY self-explanatory. Once you see the lights, you will figure it out.

For the license plate lights, there are simply 2 phillips screws on each side. Just unscrew them, and them pry the plastic cover off (the light bulb will come out with the cover).

Next is the parking lights in the headlights. Open the hood, and look down at the back of the headlight. You should see two rubber circles that are the covers of the light bulb wires etc. You need to take off the bottom (and smaller) one. It should look like this:

The next shot is looking into that circular hole where you pulled the rubber piece off of. The orange/tan light is the one you need to pull out. Pull it towards the center of the circle, as the arrow suggests.

Take the old bulb out, and replace with the new one:

Once you put the light bulb back into its socket, make sure it is secure. Then replace the rubber cover, and you are finished.

Here are some pics of the finished products.

Parking lights

Foot well

License plate

Front dome light

Interior shot--light is much whiter and more pure

Please refer to this thread for the information regarding which bulbs go where:

Thank you,

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did you us hyper white bulbs for the license plate and the interior


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what size blubs ive been thinking about doing this with a color bulb.


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just wondering if i could buy these bulbs at autozone