BT FSI timing chain carnage


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Hello guys i assume traffic on mkv forum is no longer as dense as it was three years ago but i will throw this here anyway.. Car is 08 Seat Leon FR 2.0T with 190k mile on the clock prior to the BT build when i refreshed everything internals and throw some pistons,rods, valvetrain, Golf R cams and later go fast goodies.

Car started and driven nice after the fresh build. however, i noticed an increase of the timing chain noises after the build but i was told that this is normal FSI chain noise and since i replaced everything brand new and no fault codes showing up so i tried to stay calm a bit before i went ahead and replaced all 16 lifters/rocker arms... but the sound stayed the same.

later on at 2000 miles mark of the rebuild i was rolling at 2'nd gear speed (~20-30) when the engine stopped so i pulled away and tried to crank it but i realized the engine doesn't turn. Many moons later i decided to inspect, Crank and exhaust cam were still on time so i went to pull the chain cover when i first saw the carnage. Cover is broken, chain is broken, tensioner in million pieces and cam adjuster teeth are worn out heavily. Oil galleries to the tensioner and adjuster valve are clean and no blockages of any sort in that area.

Sorry for all the dirt and the crappy iphone pictures..










i went back to my build tracker and i can confirm that everything in that area was replaced except the adjuster obviously and the chain itself (No track found). Can anyone point me to figure out what caused this disaster? i don't really want to simply put it together without detecting the cause...

Picture of the said thing:

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That could be the cause but there is really one way to get it in and i believe it will throw a code if the intake cam was off a tooth? Not really sure if i'm missing something here.

- Update: Cylinder 2 has zero compression and the difference between the others is more than 10% so full head tear down is underway. Might also investigate for oil pressure loss symptoms even though this one is fresh build free of blockages and my balance shaft is deleted.