Broken stage 1 FSI vs Tuned Focus ST


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Calgary, AB
2007 GTI 3 Door 6spd
Back a few months ago this guy was talking up his 2015 Focus ST with a Cobb tune. I was getting annoyed. However at the time my car had a bad turbo, an exhaust leak, a bad diverter valve, and two boost leaks(no codes though, go figure). But a stage 1 tune. So most likely I was just hitting stock numbers. He left the lot and we took a small cruise. We did a stoplight drag and he could not pull from me. It was dead even. Since then I have put on a new turbo, got a new exhaust system, fixed my boost leaks, and have a brand new revision d diverter valve. She HAULS now. I’d love another go. Just goes to show, those cars are so over rated. And even our older broken German cars can still whoop ass.