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Both radiator fans running constantly


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I noticed this a while ago but I thought it was my spirited driving but now that winter is here there has been no change.
Both fans are running all the time when the engine is on. It's not normal. The AC is off obviously. Ambient temp sensor works as I get an accurate reading of outside temp in my cluster.
I have checked coolant temp sensor with VCDS and I get a reading as well.
Any ideas what else to check or what might cause this?


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I hope you already solved the problem.
If alternator works good, try installing a new ground wire between the alternator and the chassis.
ECM recognized intermittent voltage drop due to poor grounding.
With low voltage recognition, the rev is fixed at 900 ~ 1000, and two cooling fans will operate at maximum speed to prevent overheating.
Extremely, this can happen even on the cold start in the morning.