Black smoke when accelerating + high oil consumption (?)


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Hi Roh Echt,

Thank you for the extensive reply. Funny I had seen your video but didn't realize it was yours! :)
Also checked what you mentioned and sure enough, they had replaced the PCV in a service long back. Both front and back. So that matches everything. "P" version.

I just ordered one + plus the IC hose seal... If that doesn't do it, will probably just take it in. Fun learning and not too expensive of a experiment. Will keep you posted. Luckily these days I don't get to drive much coz I'm taking my time... 😅


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after you do those and you still see smoke...have the fuel trims looked at. Black smoke is likely from running from oil. Mine looked white before I did my rebuild but it was due to oil, not coolant. So, color isn't a clear indicator. Otherwise, if the trims look good, you may be facing valve stem seals and guides.


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I was having similar issues and replaced with a catch can and now it just fills every drive and once filled sucks into turbo and then through intake from rear outlet on africa plate. Check out my thread. This guys issue may lead to mine also if his pcv doesnt fix


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Just brief report, sorry for late reply (somehow don't get notifications). Changed the PCV couple of weeks ago but I think I am still losing oil. I can't 100% tell as I have barely driven the car. Will monitor and get back. Didn't have time to do anything else either...

Also, just to clarify, I have seen only twice smoke from the back (I believe black) in all this time (months). First time with the #3 of my original post. Second recently (I want to say, can't recall exactly, after I had changed the PCV, that's why I think I still got the issue). In both cases I had the loud rattling on WOT. Truth is that I don't step on it like I used to but I tried replicating it today and couldn't... In that sense, the rattling felt all the way below the car, so, Alex, the catalytic converter theory may make sense (?) Anyhow, will be back with any updates.


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Any update on this?

I noticed grey smoke on mine when going WOT at high RPM on two successive hard acceleration in 2nd and 3rd. It seems there is a clear delay of 1-2 seconds before the smoke after the car began to accelerate fully. Also no smoke at high load, low RPM.

Not sure if it's oil at all, the smoke is visible in the rear view mirror but not thick, more like dust actually.

I see 3 things:

1) I am running 95 octane gas (European), the car runs on this since at least 150'000km, however I disconnected the battery yesterday so maybe the ECU is not really trimmed to this fuel, detects knock under high boost/high RPM and enriches a lot (which would explain the delay)

2) Faulty PCV which would explain small oil leaks around the vacuum pump (even with a new gasket) and the oil cooler. It however shows no other symptoms

3) Piston rings/valve seals, possible with the age of this engine I should do a compression/leak down test but the smoke is not blue. I do not think its the turbo either since it doesn't smoke at high load/low RPM