Black Plastic Trim Hack


Seminole, FL
I just thought I would share this and you know what they say about free advice...
After trying products such as: Mothers "Back to Black", Meguiar's "Ultimate Black" (if you like working with spray paint...) Armorall "Outlast-Trim and Plastic Restorer" and Turtle Wax "Trim Restorer and after paying big bucks to see this stuff last less than 3 weeks here in Florida, I was open to another solution.
Once and a while, I'll drop into "The Dollar Store" (where everything is a dollar) and see what's up. I must have missed this product in the past because the lady that owns this store said she has carried it for 5 years at least... It's a spray tire shine, which ordinarily I don't use. It's Brand is "Drivers Choice" touting "Shiny High Gloss" _ "Long Lasting Formula". On the directions it implies that it cleans and shines (except for very dirty wheels which should be washed first...common sense). I tried it on my clean black sidewalls (pump spray on, wet the rag with the stuff too, wait and wipe off). Shiny it's not. But it deepened the black color of the tire noticeably. (I don't like shiny tires anyway which is why I don't buy those products). Okay, now back on topic! Next I applied it to our black plastic trim-work/moldings including our honeycomb black grill with a paint brush. I rubbed it in and wiped it off. Wow! all that white cloudy haze that doesn't wash off was gone and the trim had it's dramatic black back again. Not "shiny" but not dull either. I loved it. Did the same to the wife's Mazda CX-5 (another black plastic trim nightmare) same beautiful result. How long does it last? More like a month than the 3 week's I was getting out of the products I mentioned and It goes farther and is easier to apply! C'mon? For a buck? You can't beat it. Nuff said.
*P.S. I just noticed this same product in the Walmart Automotive section today (11/02/19) with a slightly different label but by "Drivers Choice" for $3.38...
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