Black Forest Industries Caster+ Rear Control Arm Brackets information thread

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With our new control arm brackets you can improve the feel and handling of your MK5/ MK6 chassis vehicle significantly by altering the geometry of your suspension. Anti lift geometry + 1.5° of Caster correction - with solid rubber TTRS control arm bushings will give you a much more stable and confident driving experience while also improving responsiveness due to the increased bushing material. The stock bushings have a void in the rubber which induces slop and movement, whereas our fully solid bushings will transfer more information to the driver and give a more consistent response, without sacrificing comfort.

To further enhance suspension feel, we have paired our control arm brackets with these aluminum control arms. With up to 4 lbs weight savings per arm (8 lbs total) there is a significantly noticeable difference in behavior. The aluminum arms not only weigh less but also flex less than their steel counterparts helping to aid in predictability.

This paired kit is an excellent upgrade not only for those headed to the track, but even those that like to get the most our of their vehicles on the street, and who are keyed into their handling dynamics. You will be surprised at just how worthwhile this upgrade is!