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Bay Area Discussion thread -- Part 3


Ready to race!
southbay CA.
08' R32 dsg
Does anyone do meetups anymore or has the Bay Area scene moved on?
Possible peeps have to work harder, not have enough gas to waste, not have enough cash to refil said gas, decade old cars having expensive problems & whatnot. Personally my 11yr old .:R with 240k is not in the mood to drive around as much anymore. Especially with no current job & no friends lol.

Passed Driver's Ed
San Francisco
I'm organizing group drives.

I've been posting event details and pictures

This is from last satruday, stopped at the half way point, Pescadero State Beach.

This guy just happened to be there when we showed up at Pescadero

Passed Driver's Ed
San Francisco
Just a reminder...

I've got an organized group drive this saturday

6:30 am meet time
7:00 am departure

Route to drive -
Google puts it at 2 hours 26 minutes

Start at coffee Lovers in San Jose 1855 Aborn Road

head east on Quimby

up and over Mt. Hamilton to San Antonio Valley Road

Past The Junction Restaurant, turns into Mines Road

Mines Road all the way to Livermore ending at Denica's for breakfast

Passed Driver's Ed
San Francisco
Pictures from July 6th Group drive

My R32 is still down :(

Sitting at Tomas Sport Tuning waiting for a radiator. Friend of mine lent me his RSX

First time we had a Ferrari on a drive!

But here's pictures!