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Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••


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So where were we. Oh yes, some things to show you, now that I found time to update this again :D

Even before I got the car, I have been wanting to do this thing as follows

Started removing things from the trunk

Time for some black love from 3M car wrap products

Started re-installing things

I love the quality of the cut

Reinstalled the OEM foam behind the plate

Much better

And some better shots

Daytime pics will follow to show how nice it came out.

What is more, these were ordered, and arrived in my hands as well

But more on that later.

I have also started my question here and there, for the answer to my lowering questions - yes I know it is the second week since I bought this car, but you know how it is. LoL.

Cheers, more to come​


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So, these were ordered and received

Had these inside

And a manual

Seems like i was a template from inside the box.
Not sure if it supplied with it though.
Thing is there is something weird about the footrest area.
We will get to that later.

It would be a bolt on, if it were like on my other cars, but here the plastic part to be replaced is missing, and the carpet in the area is like this

Not sure how I am gonna do it, but I will figure out how I guess sooner or later.

Took some time to put these on, especially the throttle one, where the clutch one needed to open some holes

Installed, look so good if you ask me

And I need to figure out how to make it look complete now

[FootRest just left to stay in place - not installed]

Cheers guys​


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Went ahead and had a visit at Thule dealers in Greece

I just love this shop

Hmmm, what are these

Well these, are the black, all new edition

of these, that I run in my golf

With the black roof and all, I just had to buy these, you know me.

Boxes were opened

Excuse the iphone pics, proper pics to follow from my camera



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Removed some things

And then some more

Here they are

Made in Romania


All done

ReInstalled everything

Night Test

Day Photos


More to come



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Wanted this to be the practical daily, rather than the showcar or performance car, so sportback it is :)




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Car got its first cleanup since I took it out the stealership

Car then got treated with CG EZ Glaze, and then some of SwissVax's finest, CRYSTAL ROCK for added protection and gloss, applied by hand.

Then I threw on the Thule box, to see how it looked. I was skeptical beforehand, thinking it would be big for this car. But boy was I wrong

Looked great, I loved it

Family meeting with Golf

And then with the other Audi

Ordered these from ebay, because the OEM aerial would not fit with box on, and because I like the clean look of it

Received them

Installed it asap

Car then got some snow time

[miss my Quattro system, I'll tell you that]

Received Some Black Audi Emblem Rings that I ordered from Germany

Great quality to be honest

So from this

To this

Removed rear one too



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I was thinking to go for no badge at all, but at the moment, I installed the black one, which looks great and we shall see

I also ordered two rear-wiper-delete kits from, one for the A1 and one for the Golf, and waiting to receive those as well, to remove that rear wiper on the A1 as well.

In other news, I may or may not be toying with the idea of ordering this.

Let alone, having already ordered it, who knows.




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So, did my first trip. Fuel economy was out of this planet.

Even with the box on

Bought this for another project I have been thinking of


Remove some plastics

Take that motor out

Oh look a hole

Plug that water pipe with a nice way

No hole anymore

Perfect fitment as expected

Looking really clean

Washed the car

I also received these

And also washed this one as well

I also had a photoshoot with the Audi, more to come soon

Cheers, more to come​