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Hello guys and Merry Christmas to you all.

here's some news on the small daily project

First some photos of the work that was involved on making the TTS (8S) steering wheel work on my car like it should

Custom made, and is being sold from the guys that made mine work

instrument cluster white led retrofit

All yellow and green indicatios would turn white as in the videos above

Then, early december, it was time to install my winter wheels, and go out for some fun in the snow

Brought out my guns

Studs fit perfectly in there

Custom painted caps fitted with no issues

All done

Then some TLC was needed for the summer wheels prior to storing them

Foam Lance comes handy

Came out great

Sealed them with Swissvax Autobahn for protection

Gave them an extra something

Stored them in place

No touching of those lips, dont worry

Stay some snow footage on the way




Ready to race!
So, for quite some time now I've been lurking over ebay, to come acros a rear -line bumper in Misano Red , in a decent shape.

Seems like I scored

In great overall condition, just some minor cratches, mostly in this area, but i was gonna paint this part gloss black in the future anyway, so no biggy

Last shot with stock bumper on

Cleaned everything while we were there

Removal required some pretty sneaky deep sockets which i didnt have at the time with me but had to get

Trunk tray also needs to be removed

Some customization as always

Some better shots after a proper clean

All in all, i am very very pleased with how it came out. It gave exactly the rear width i was hoping for and made the wheels blend in even better.

Cheers, more to come


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Cedar Rapids, IA
Very nice upgrade! This car keeps getting better and better. Trim pieces will look a lot better in gloss black to match the rest of the car, but still looks good regardless.


Ready to race!
I may have missed some changes i made so let me get back to those.
It might be some small things, but they all add to the whole result i guess.

So, bought these


And after

Gotta find a black washer fluid reservoir cap as well-if anyone knows where, let me know

Then I also, started collecting another set of parts

This buzzer

And these o-rings

This unit

This oem wiring

And these OEM sensors in Misano Red

So yes, we are getting ready for a parking sensor retrofit and i think i pretty much have everything i need. For now i am doing some maintenace modifications on my front suspension which i am also going to show you


More to come

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Ready to race!
So after about 40.000km, the car seemed to have gotten somewhat lower, to rub more easily, and to make some weird rolling sounds that it didnt in the past. After closer inspection, it seemed that some components needed further attention. And when i say, further attention, i usuallycmean replace everything with new parts, on both driver and passenger side.

Let's see

I dont know how some of these parts are called in english to be honest, so i am just gonna show some photos of them, or describe them even, hehe

The outer ball joints of the steering rack

Then the bearings of the outer part of the front control arms

Also, new top mount bushings and bearings. Next time i might even go for powerflex ones, we shall see

Wrenching time

Uppon further inspection we also replaced this part of the steering rack

It's amazing what some wheels, and spacers can do in such short mileage

Car also received a proper alignment afterwards

Needless to say the car changed significantly after all this maintenance. It sat higher, and it felt lighter, like the tyres were underinflated if you can see what i mean. One side was worse but i chose to go for both.

Next time i need to do it again i might go for some powerflex components but i dont wanna compromise the ride quality by much (much more anyway) as this is my current daily. What is more, there is no comparison between the A1 floor and the golf, and i mean in quality. It's like everything is weak in comparison, but oh well it is a smaller car. It also uses many golf mk4 platform components for what it's worth.


More to come,



Ready to race!
On an early spring night, prior to Easter Time in Greece, I had some work done, that led to this

Dont get me wrong, there is a plan here that it starting to evolve

Inspiration came from this

Rear seatbelts removed as well

Then had another roadtrip

Then, coming back there was a track day, in a track i had not ever before driven in, so decided i might as well go in with the AUD1ESEL, just to see the circuit, and so, naturally removed some unnecessary weight.

Then, i had some more ideas on RECAROS. Yeap, cant lie, i love RECAROS.

and what do you know . . . . .

Scored these that came out of and Audi R8 whose owner moved to a Ferrari and then a Lambo and these were looking for a new home

They are in amazing condition

Then I went on cleaning them and enhancing them with some protection

They were in great condition like i said, no need for much work

Bought some decals to customize the look

Super excited to say the least

Specific Audi A1 mounts from Recaro on the way, pretty soon.

More things have happened, stay tuned for updates, Cheers



Ready to race!
So, on thing that had been on my mind for quite some time now, is the fact that the car had a difference in high rpms- well high for a diesel anyways, due to the fact that it overheated on the Intake Air Temps. It was more than obvious that the car needed a bigger IC. Not just in summer time, which in Greece, is the rule during the year, but also in colder conditions, in repeatitive pulls. You could feel the car got hot reducing boost, and thus power.
We also checked that on the dyno.

So, you know what comes next.

Sneak pic

Wow, that is big

Lets see how it will look

Approved !!

As you can see, i went for a bolt-on solution for this car. At least that was the plan. Darkside seem to know their things on TDi engines so I went for product for my CAYC engine. However, when you always go for universan parts and make them fit your car, you know what happens when you choose a bolt-on part for the first time, dont you.

Some close-ups, prior to fitting it

Professional garage lift on the way

Removed the front end

This here, is supposed to be an IC

Lovely out of focus picture for reference

Crash bar removed

And I believe this is where it all started going awfully wrong.
I noticed how the oem ic was held in place, and then saw the fittings of the Darkside IC. I easily understood there was no way it would fit straight away. None. Yes, it says in their product description that it takes some trimming, and some modification to fit, but it surely does not say that none of the fittings, not even one, fits in the stock points.

Contacted them via email, they replied instantly, however they insisted that it was my fault and that it should fit right away. I am no new to the modding scene, i know when a thing fits and when it doesnt.

Removed the OEM IC after a lot of swelling, just to see who was right and who was wrong

Side by side

Cutting for the piping to go through

Then I understood that it was either game over and car back to stock, OR, try to mount it and make it work, like always

Tom came to the rescue

Two hours later- boom - i was exhausted, but it was ready

Went to hospital like that the next day hehe

Refitted the bumper, that went in with zero modifications

Exactly the look i was hoping for, subtle, yet visible for those who know

I love it. And I also love how it performs. Difference is massive. Car used to pull strong up till 3500rpm and then, make a pause, so you would be better of changing gear to the next one. Now, you can pull till rev limiter and feeling the car pulling still strong. massive difference without a new ecu file as well.

As for Darkside, I am happy to say, that after some emails we exchanged, they accepted their fault, and sent me back half the cost as a partial refund. I support their accepting their fault, and I made a new order, which I will show you in the next update :)

A teaser pic for now


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Ready to race!
Car saw some time at the track, and also did really really well for what it is, especially since it was also my first time at that track. Gave some MX5's a pretty rough time, especially my friend Tom's that recently bought one, a late NB one

Had some serious issues with Oil Temps, had to push for maximum 2 rounds and then cool off for lik 3-4 laps. It was 40o Celcius, and car did not like that at all.

Almost 4 sec slower than me

I had really missed some track time, so will be revisiting soon enough, with this car, or the golf as well.

Also, I wanted to do something about the back side, where having removed the rear seat bench, there was red exposed metal, which i didnt like

Quick visit to my trim shop

Pics dont do it justice, came out great IRL

Also, got around to fitting my oem rear parking sensors on the S-Line bumper i installed


Said sensors


Looking great

When I find some time, i will also retrofit them to make them work as well hehe

Cheers, plenty of more to come



Ready to race!
Hello guys. Been some days that i was ready to update my build threads of all the cars, when I logged in to my threads, and saw all my pics gone missing. I thought i had gone overboard with bandwidth, but then I also remembered, that i have a premium account, so that doesnt happen. Long story short, I figured out what PhotoBucket had done.

So, currently, more than 8-9 years of build threads are useless. All that work and effort is lost.
And what is more, Photobucket gave us NO warning, nor did they send their thoughts on this change whatsoever

I accept paying for using one's services. I dont accept being bullied into doing it, in such a non-professional way.

I cant tell right now how I will continue blogging my build threads, but i wil definitely WONT be paying photobucket not 400, but not even a single cent.