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Ready to race!
Some more updates then

Went to the stealership for the 30k km service.
Yeah, I know, me in the dealership? Weird thing. However I try to go for the scheduled maintenance to keep up with my 5 year warranty.
I buy all the original parts myself prior to the service, and then I get a good discount me being an old customer and all.

So, pics

They were also informed about my ecu upgrades and all, so they didnt risk my rolling coal to go alive, hahaha

New oil, oil filter, diesel fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter, and sump plug were changed. What is more, we also installed my custom sump plug with the integrated oil temp sensor from Defi, so as to install the Oil Temp meter at last, which I have had inactive for some months now waiting for the forthcoming oil change. More on that later.

In order to install the sensor of the meter, I had to run the wiring from under the dashboard to the oil sump. Wanted to do it neat and hidden like the boost gauge lines. So onto the pics of the process

This is where we will begin our installation from

Taking off wipers

Mark this with tape to now wonder where they were afterwards

Remove them with love, might take some time in older cars

Take your time removing this. It can easily brake when plastic goes old

Remove the two visible bolts that hold the wiper motor, just to give it some room to play

Here is the rubber grommet we will use to run through our wiring. Clean and oem style

While you try to install everything, friends take random photos, instead of helping you

Dont tidy up everything yet, do that after you see how much wiring you will be needing till the sump

Lift the car

Removed the tray and here is the installed plug with the sensor

Tucked everything

And then I sorted everything above

We have oil temp :)

Difference from petrol oil temp, is not the range of values, but the speed that oil gets up to temp, almost same time with water. Possible reason for that, is the turbo working all the time in diesel cars, I guess

Washed it properly while I was at it

And gave it some extra love



Ready to race!
One more thing I'd like to show you is this

There seems to be a gap between the lip and the car's bumper in some places.

You pretty much cant do a lot about it, because you either have to trim the bumper or to shape the cupra lip differently.

However, I thought that I could use some kind of spacer there to make it look better.

These are some biller fuel rail spacers I had in my garage, never used

What if I put them there, and run the screws through them

Let's also paint them black on our custom mobile spray booth, shall we?

All done and installed :)

Thanks for looking, hope you liked it




Ready to race!
Received a small, yet heavy and pricey box from USA. However not so costly for the quality i saw afterwards.

Some pics

Let's see them separately

A stud kit for the AUD1ESEL

Set of nuts, ball seat

Also bought another set of cone seat nuts, which I ended up using

Also some Lock nuts, one set for each car

Also bought these things here, can anyone guess what they're for ?

Lost no time, and started installing the kit


Went with these, better fitment

HUGE rear brakes

used just a bit of Loctite in each stud

All done

Lots of thread to use, yet not more than needed

All done

Lock nuts installed as well, and looks OEM

I might go for some lug caps in black, in plastic, OEm ones, or aftermarket ones, Not sure if those can clip over the lock nut. We shall see.

Stay tuned, more to come




Ready to race!
Some more updates then. This update is posted both on the Golf and AUD1ESEL blog, due to them possibly being used on both cars.

Some time ago I sourced and received these beauties.

Damn some people scratching everything

18Z in front, 6 pot


The calipers, supposedly came with brake pads. However, what you are about to see, will change your mind as to how much stupidity can exist out there.

Thought I'd give them a good clean while on vacation, so as to see their condition more properly

Notice anything weird?

In all their glory

i guess pads for these calipers were costing a bit more, so why not weldo other friction material on there


Real colour appeared

Secret ingredient when cleaning calipers - Cold Corona

This one, also has some damage

Front calipers were also cleaned

Again annoying pics

came out nice

All of them together

So my thoughts are :

-Use all 4 calipers on the Golf, as fronts and rears.
-Use the 6 pots on the Golf as fronts, and leave rears as they are, or install OEM 312 fronts on the rear, and install the 4 pots on the AUD1ESEL as fronts, and likewise, install the A1 fronts on the A1 rear axle.
-Use all 4 calipers on Golf, and buy other 6pots for the A1 as fronts - LoL

Either way, golf will be having the 6pots as fronts, so starting with that, I need to source some stuff.


1. Mercedes-Benz GL450 discs, 350x32mm discs
2. Brake Pads
3. 14 to 16 special bolts
4. 65 to 67mm rings
5. Modify brake lines

So far

1. I have found Zimmerman drilled ones to be the most likely to buy

2. Does anyone have any part numbers handy ? I will search though when time comes. Something for everyday use, not like a Ferodo DS2500/3000 I had in the past. Something quiet and effective.

3. Sourced those bolts from JHM as a kit and here they are

4. Sourced the rings needed as well, and here they are

Stay tuned, more to come.
Feel free to send me your suggestions on sourcing parts for this new project, as I am new to brake world, other than my bolt-on 8-pot kit on the blue RS4PRA project.

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The Fixer
09 GTI
Which Porsche was the donor? Those pads are a joke but calipers look great. Can't wait to see them on the car!


Ready to race!
So when it comes to tyre fitment, i am one of those type of guys that like this style, for many reasons.

However, in my A1, I had to go for stretch fitment to fit the wheels I bought for it. And although I didnt have any problems so far, 31000 kms on the clock, I still wanted to set the car up exactly like I wanted it to, and that is with some meat on the tyres.

So, in numbers, go from 215.35.18 to 225.40.18, which not only will allow for better cornering, easier ride, harder to scratch wheels, but will also allow for a lower cost on new tyres, and it is also a size i have been using for some time on other cars, and allows for play between cars.

Of course, being bigger in diameter, car will be slower with the same hp numbers, and of course, less fuel efficient.

So let's see what i did

Attempt #1

Changed tyres in the height i was running before

Went with Pirelli's I had from my Golf

Sadly car wouldnt do even a spin around the shop, so changed just the rear ones and left the stretched ones in front till i come up with a solution

RWD Drag Setup for the win #not


Attempt #2

Thought I'd raise the suspension 10mm in the front

It seemed much more doable this time

Had to test the car on the road with two people inside to see if and how badly it would rub. It looked really good

Attempt #3

Went back to the shop for some final adjustments and with the roller fender ready to chime in if need be

The wheels were rubbing mostly on the passenger side

Here I could see where the problem was

And took drastic measures this time

Cut off the little metallic tabs that cause the problem, and afterwards painted them with colour to avoid corrosion or rust

Same at the back

Car was ready

And went up for an alignment

All done

Really happy with its new looks and mostly its new driving characteristics.

Everyone said it couldnt be done, 225.40.18s on a 9,5x18 ET23 (with the spacers added), but hey, I say, it is doable, on a daily basis, and what is more, I load this car for travelling.




The Fixer
09 GTI
I'm a little sad you went stretch over that meaty setup but it still looks pretty mean.


Ready to race!
Car went up on the dyno, not so much to go for numbers, we pretty much knew were we were, but mostly to fine tune the black smoke a bit

Smoke was like this before

I hope I can find an after video

Car was dynoed with the OEM file and was found out to almost make 115hp, despite it being sold as 105, and then made almost 146 with just the ECU tune. Torque went from 27 to 36kg. Very very happy with the results, on a VERY hot day, with 40oC in Athens.

This car surely makes more than 150hp on the road. I also think it deserves a better IC at some point...hmmmm....

Some more pictures from that day

And the numbers with the ECU tune from E-Tuners. They will also make a presentation of the project on their site

Cheers more to come



Ready to race!
A lot of things have been going on, but havent had the chance to update this thread, so let's do something about that

Parking sensors were in a bad state

Removed them and drove around like this- LOL

Made some custom OEM colour spray

And some clear coat

Painted them and left them to cure


Also polished the tips just a bit

They came out great

Now, as for that missing lower trim, it was removed some days ago

To get it painted gloss black to match the rest of the car

Came back like this

Came out great

I also installed something nice and OEM on the 12v lighter plug

Sorry for the crappy pic

Then went for some roadtrip

But more on that adventure, later

Cheers, more to come



Ready to race!
So, all was going well and strong

Until I decided to stop here

Then tyre pressure check light came on the dash, and is stopped at the next gas station to check what was wrong. No real need for that, front left tyre was loosing air, tried to fix it, but it didnt hold the night

obvisouly tyres were tired and old from my golf, but they were used mostly to see how the 225.40.18 would go. Plans were to change them with new if they would work on the trip. And they did. Except for this fact.

now, given this happened far away from our capital, it was hard to source another 225.40.18 tyre at the time. Luckily, mostly due to my previous trip to Romania, I had bought a space saver emergency wheel, even though the car came with just the quick repair foam kit. So at the time it was a relief I had it with me, and my trip would not be completely destroyed.

Obviously moved a healthy wheel up front, and installed the spare one at the back

Got stance ?

As a doctor, I tried to make things better, but no. At least I smiled :)

Cleaned the injured wheel to carry it on with me

Me being me, car didnt lose a bit, and was fighting hard to reach private greek beaches

Aha, spare parts I thought

but no. I had to get back to Athens, via the national road, with a speed of . . . . 80km (50mph). Cruise control was good for that, but boy, did it make a 3,5 hour trip to a 6h one. An experience I will never forget. Everyone passing me by, but hey I made it

Car was fully loaded inside

Gave it a quick wash and time for new rubber

I have always love these

Yoko parada's 225.40.18, 20th week of 2016 fresh af. Loved them from the golf, and wanted them in this one too

Installed all around

Gave the space saver a good clean

And then sealed it to protect it till next time

It did so well

yeah, whatever

Cheers hope you liked it

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